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have matt damon's politcal views made him the next george clooney at the boxoffice?

Monday, March 15th, 2010

long headline. whew. matt damon famously took a potshot at sarah palin in 2008 when she and john mccain were running for vp and president of the united states against joe biden and damon’s pal barack obama. obama is pals with the oceans team. this has been proved by the number of times brad pitt and george have visited the white house over the past year.

irregardless. damon’s last 3 movies (including the just opened greenzone) have all been huge flops. greenzone’s dismall $14M opener in the united states means it makes anti-war iraq themed movies 0 – 20 (or maybe it’s more like 8). but we will point out that greenzone’s 3 day gross equals the hurt locker’s lifetime gross. damon will most likely find his legs again. he’s a pretty good actor when he wants to be. and people will forget the other stuff, maybe. it could be that invictus didn’t work like gangbusters because americans aren’t interested in rugby. and it could be that greenzone died on the vine because americans (still) don’t want to pay to see something (the iraq war) that they have been watching on television for the past 7 years.

read the comment section under this yahoo article. bear in mind, that after a while, the yahoo links expire. because, well, yahoo kinda sucks sometimes, doesn’t it.


why can't matt damon support charities to end poverty in the u.s.

Friday, October 24th, 2008

why is it that celebs like matt damon and angelina jolie don’t adopt american children (in the case of jolie) or invest their time and money in helping low income and impoverished african-american families in their own country as opposed to well africa or even in addition to africa or south east asia, etc. and that inlcudes celebs like musician wyclef too.

or maybe they do and it doesn’t bring good press. or maybe their problem is, their idea of building low income housing is eco-friendly houses complete with solar panels with starting costs at 100K. solar panels are great, if you can afford them.

but why is it that it is easier to get a star to donate millions to someone who lives outside of their own countries, who is an abstraction, yet they would be hard pressed to press a few hands at a food bank in a crime-ridden area of their so-called, first-world country. not all americans or europeans are rich. although some countries, like denmark have a fairly generous safety net.

matt damon thinks because we watch his films we care what he thinks

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

the jason bourne movies are fabulous. especially the first and third films in the trilogy. and everyone’s hoping there will be a fourth. but although people like some of damon’s movies, that doesn’t mean they care about his political opinions. in this video damon talks about disney movies and hockey moms and creationism. yes matt, we know you went to harvard. but you didn’t graduate. did you flunk out? or did you leave voluntarily?

obama has about 3 days (if not 2) to reverse his slide. he’s 5 points down according to gallup, which means mccain got a 13 – 15 point bounce out of the republican national convention. while obama got an 8 point bounce.

maybe obama’s appearance on david letterman helped with the pig with lipstick gaffe. but he had better walk walk on pins in needles the way he did with hillary clinton during the primaries(who democratic women adore). because unlike clinton, who men across all parties view negatively and who republican women can’t stand with a capitol ‘can’t stand,’ men think palin is a guy’s girl and women across the board (54%) have a positive view of her.

but if obama is running for president. why is he spending so much time talking about john mccain’s VP? sounds like a political mistake.

bourne 4

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

according tothis article matt damon is not ruling out starring in another bourne film. apparently, according to the article, he would be willing to do another film if director greengrass will direct.

in the article, damon also points out the differences between the bond franchise and what is turning into the bourne or rather the ludlum franchise. although the majority of robert ludlum’s novels about jason bourne were written during the cold war period, the books continue to enjoy an enormous degree of popularity.

bourne ultimatium for thirty year olds

Monday, August 6th, 2007

the bourne ultimatium, the third film in the the jason bourne series, pulled in $75M at the boxoffice over the weekend. supposedly that’s the biggest opening august number ever for a film in the u.s. market. what’s telling about this number is that according to exit polls 57% of the audience was over 30. that’s pretty obvious as the robert ludlum books have been around for at least a couple of decades and so the series already has a built in audience. the guardian asserts that the matt damon is kind of an everyman and that the bourne films are perfect thrillers for our uncertain times.

that the audience for the film is slightly older than for say, the transformers is not a bad thing. the transformers appeals to the kids who collected the cards and forced their parents to buy all those goofy toys while they were in their pre-teens. and now those kids are in high school and the transformers was a nostaligic moment for them. they don’t mind that the plot is toothless and that the dialogue is asinine. while the bourne films appeal to those who grew up during the cold war. and the above 30 age group, from a marketing perspective, is a harder group to connect with than the 18 – 29 group.

bourne ultimatium what james bond hopes to be

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

i haven’t seen this film yet. i’m debating on whether or not to pay far too much money to catch it in a theatre with people i wouldn’t even let in my apartment building or just watching it at home on my video beamer. the first two films, i quite enjoyed. clive owen was great in the first film and unfortunately it took til the second film for franka potente to be taken out. although i liked the second movie, they kinda lost me during the over-the-top car chase in moscow. it’s unfortunate that the trailer for the movie only focuses on the americans in the cast. there are some fine international actors in the supporting cast. so somehow i’ve managed to write this whole piece without uttering the name of that guy who got famous doing ‘good will hunting.’ i’m not a fan. but i’ll admit when a movie is good. and i’ll admit when a film is bad, like ‘departed’. can you say sms, the movie? the best thing about the film was mark wahlberg and his silly faux-preppy haircut.