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michael ballack says i am the captain of germany’s national football team

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

well, not in exactly those words. but michael ballack says in this video. ‘ich bin der kapitan.’ (i am the captain). leave a comment if you’d like the whole thing translated. he and the diminutive phillip lahm are fighting over who will lead germany’s national football team. ballack, who had the misfortune of getting injured just weeks prior to the 2010 world cup in south africa, was replaced by the 26 year old lahm whose decided that he doesn’t want to give his place back. because that’s they way they rock it in deutschland. so the bigger question is, will thomas mueller give michael ballack his lucky number 13 shirt back?


germany’s gay national football team

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

well, apparently there’s a reason why they’re called the deutsche nationalmannschaft. according to the magazine der spiegel, michael ballack’s agent mentioned that there are loads of the new players on the national team who are gay. since we imagine most of you don’t read german, we’ll refer you to the english language edition of this story. you can find the original story in because we can’t find the der spiegel article. but apparently this only applies to some of the newer members of the team. so we would imagine this means the straight ones include schweinsteiger, ballack, lahm, jansen, gomez, friederich, mertasacker, podolski, and klose. oezil just announced his engagement to a female, so that rules him out. philipp lahm got married 2 days ago, so that confirms that. and mueller got married last year to a girl he’d been with for ages. i mean, when you’re 20, how long is ages?

update: you can find the original der spiegel article here in english. the best part of the article, if you can make it through it says, ‘The South African newspapers referred to the German machine that defeated England and then Argentina. But it didn’t sound disparaging. The German machine was no longer a steam engine or a bulldozer, but more like a sewing machine….’

the curse of michael ballack

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

we’ll start by saying, michael ballack gets hurt, chelsea wins the premiere league. the same injury keeps ballack out of the world cup, germany sails (almost effortlessly) through to the semi-finals. ballack turns up in south africa for the argentina game. 4 days later germany loses miserably to spain. who control the ball for 90% of the game versus germany’s 10%. so apparently it takes a good 3- 4 days before the curse sets in.

update: ok. maybe the curse doesn’t exist. ballack wasn’t around for the semi finals. he left 2 days after the argentina game. and this in spiegel notes, regarding ballack, after the germany national team lost to spain in the semi-finals of the world cup: ‘Ballack was on everyone’s mind once again. Someone said that the Germans also need a player who’s capable of kicking somebody once in a while.’

robert enke memorial in hannover 35,000

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

yesterday evening the german national football team, including oliver bierhoff and michael ballack, along with robert enke’s widow, attended a memorial for robert enke, the goal keeper of the german national team who committed suicide on november 10. enke, who suffered from depression had driven his car onto train tracks. earlier in the day he had left a suicide note for his wife. you can watch video of the memorial here which includes images of the 35,000 people who attended a memorial march in hannover.

michael ballack marries girlfriend of ten years and mother of his three kids

Monday, July 14th, 2008

it used to be first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. but not for michael ballack, who just married simone lambe, the mother of his three kids and with whom he’s been together for upwards of a decade.

the chelsea fooballer and captain of the german national football team, michael ballack wed his long-term girlfriend today. according to bild zeitung, the 400 guests included football legend (that’s soccer to north americans), franz beckenbauer.

england fails to qualify for euro 2008

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

how humiliating is that? not only did england lose to croatia –who aren’t even part of the european union (yet!), apparently, the news only gets worse. england merch will get hit as well. so much for brand beckham. england squeaked into the quarter finals of last year’s world cup by kicking, pulling hair, and cheating. now it’s all caught up with them. seems a bit like payback for the trampling michael ballack has been getting from the uk media for being a bit lazy on the field. but germany qualified weeks ago at the top of its group.

ballack and chelsea

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

although there’s no real new news here aside from ballack not being selected amongst the 23 who will be starting for chelsea. mourinho had already hinted that no one on the team was an automatic ‘in’ in the starting line-up. ballack is a great player. but every month, its seems his decision not to purchase a house in london was a very smart move.

michael ballack 40m euro transfer offer from real madrid

Monday, August 6th, 2007

real madrid have made a 40M euro offer to chelsea for a special doppel pack for germany’s michael ballack and holland’s arjen robben. the negotiations between both clubs is in an advanced phase and could be finalized in the coming days. sorry, it’s all in the original language. it would be more difficult to translate had a posted the dutch version.

what's happened to michael ballack

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

ballack was signed to chelsea in 2006 for somewhere between 120,000 and 130,000 pounds per week. he was immediately derided by the british press as a cheap wad for saying that’s it’s better to rent in london as opposed to buying a house. he only scored but 4 goals in his first 26 games.

ballack recently lost his so-called ‘untouchable’ status when jose murinho, the coach of chelsea declared he wouldn’t give places to anyone just because a person is a face or a name. last april, murinho threatened to terminate ballack’s contract because murinho and chelsea’s club doctors claim they were not notified prior to ballack’s surgery in germany for what ballack says was a potentially career threatening injury, which the chelsea doctors supposedly dismissed as a minor injury. he missed the premiership because of the operation.

last january, football legend franz beckenbauer critized ballack for moving to chelsea. he said, ballack would’ve been better off at manchester united and that presently the game just passes him by. bernd schuster, the new coach at real madrid says he would love to have ballack on his team.

you can read the diary of michael ballack on