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groupies and activists bail out assange

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

everyone from bianca jagger to michael moore dug deep into their (huge, in the case of moore) pockets to bust wiki leaks founder julian assange out of, as he described it, his victorian prison. and now assange is under mansion arrest somewhere in suffolk england.

is julian assange the left’s answer to glenn beck? is assange really a true lefty? this austrailan mathematican/physicist/ex-hacker is not your traditional journalist. his drive for transparency isn’t necessarily the mantra of he left.

–making a gross generalization, the mantra of the left (as well as the right) tends to fall more along the lines of ‘let’s expose any and everything that runs counter to our groups’ core beliefs.’

has assange become a rock star? seems that way. what with hanger ons like jemma khan and bianca jagger. is he an important figure for the 21st century. and isn’t wikileaks and not julian assange more the important issue because assange is just one member of an international, decentralized network of transparency seekers. could we even call them journalists? probably not. maybe not even editors in the traditional sense. more like organizers. but wikileaks is definitely a modern news organization.