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michelle obama even fatter

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

michelle obama has been laying low since her well publicized vacation to spain –the one where she hung with friends and missed her husband’s birthday and distracted the european media from the mid-term election primaries where the u.s. democratic party looked really bad. wow. that was a full-on run-on sentence.

in this photo, we see that michelle obama has put on tonnage à la oprah winfrey.

but this post isn’t really about michelle obama being phat (as run dmc might say). no, it’s about the u.s. democratic party manipulating black voters to put barbara (don’t call me ma’am, call me senator) boxer and jerry (i was already governor once and destroyed the economy, are you ready for more?) brown. black voters in california make up between 6-7% of the electorate. in 2008 enough black american turned up to increwase their percentage to almost 10%.

we suspect this probably won’t happen this time. but with the numbers between boxer and fiorina so close, one never knows. brown, apparently has, according to realclearpolitics, between a 6& and 12% lead over meg whitman.


obama cheating scandal

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

the national enquirer, the tabloid that revealed the cheat that is former presidential and vice presidential candidate john edwards has published an article claiming barack obama had a sleep over with his former aid vera baker.

the drudgereport has picked this up. but now the article has mysteriously disappeared from the national enquirer’s servers. but not before numerous bloggers picked up on the story. apparently there is video evidence.

we just wonder, did the obama administration promise rupert murdoch that the fcc will now allow companies in the u.s. to own multiple televisions and newspapers in any market, which is presently illegal to get the enquirer to pull this story?

death by a 1000 cuts reports: ‘In a story that the National Enquirer has been working on since 2008, the tabloid announced on its website that President Barack Obama spent the night with former aide/fundraiser, Vera Baker in a DC hotel. The Enquirer has been trying to obtain confirmation of the details of the story it started looking into since 2008. Those details have apparently been confirmed.’ follow the link for more details.

michelle obama confirms she's kinda fat

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

in prevention magazine, michelle obama, the first lady of the united states is quoted as saying ‘I love French fries, I like a good burger, and I like pie.’.

jose luis rodriguez zapatero and his unfortunate goth daughters

Monday, September 28th, 2009

is that headline unfriendly? it’s sort of an unfortunate but true statement. well, now we know why he’s been hiding them. his poor children, not only do they have all the unfortunate physical characeristics of their parents –who individually are quite an attractive man and woman. but apparently this dna probably should’ve stayed separate.

barack and michelle obama with spain's prime minister jose luis rodriguez zapatero and family

barack and michelle obama with spain's prime minister jose luis rodriguez zapatero and family

photo courtesy of flickr.

michelle obama wears short shorts

Friday, August 21st, 2009

this blog is all in fun, for the most part. does anyone care that the first lady sports shorts, a baseball cap and likes to wear j. crew. what would jackie o think? what does nancy reagan think? nancy wore loads of outrageous outfits in the 80s. some of which could’ve gotten her on an episode of the x-files during the 90s.

more proof; michelle obama getting fat

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

maybe she shouldn’t hide out in the white house eatting doughnuts. or spend so much time at dennys. or maybe she’s been hanging out too much with oprah winfrey. although the bright colours chosen to wander about the set of harry potter with her girls is somewhat refereshing the vibrant colours do have the affect of over emphasising her alleged addiction to doughnuts. but at least she’s ditched the j. crew mass produced clothing for now.

michelle obama getting fat

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

the economist mistakenly believes michelle obama has disappeared because the white house is hiding her, for fear she could become a lighting rod as hillary clinton did during bill clinton’s administration. but judging by these photos in london, the real reason is that michelle has been enjoying the down home cooking in the white house. laura bush packed on a few pounds during bush the second’s administration, but those quickly melted away as the international incidents kept rolling through the white house. hopefully that won’t be necessary for michelle obama to lose weight. the best thing about the daily mail photos is the picture at the bottom. the caption muses as to whether or not michelle is wearing a girdle. does any of this stuff really matter. in the grand scheme of things no. but during this credit crunch/financial crisis if we can’t find one or two things to snicker about regarding this very unfunny first family, this is gonna be a really long recession.

michelle obama wears j.crew; j. crew sales tank

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

last month, michelle obama and her two girls trotted out at the presidential innauguration in various wears from j. crew. apparently this, and michelle’s much touted appearance on jay leno last fall where she showed off a different j. crew outfit, haven’t been enough to save the retailer. but the question could be, has it actually in fact, hurt the retailer?

or could it be because the myopic retailer limits itself to the u.s. market. the stores are primarily confined to north america. and unlike l.l. bean, unless you live in japan or canada, it is impossible to order product from the j. crew. who knows.

michelle obama with do rag in hawaii

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

barack and michelle obama are enjoying their holidays at a $3500/day resort in hawaii, the home state of the president elect. michelle obama got caught by the daily mail sporting a wrap and a fairly unfashionable do rag.

michelle obama and the grinch separated at birth

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

sometimes doesn’t michelle obama look like a dr. seuss character? most first ladies do. barbara bush could’ve been the lorax. although it’s actually al gore who speaks for the trees. nancy reagan definitly resembles any random dr. seuss character.

in terms of separated at birth. michelle obama and the grinch. by claiming michelle o resembles the grinch is not to say that she _is_ the character. although earlier this year she and barack obama told people magazine and politico that they don’t give their kids christmas presents.