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what a value added tax would mean to the u.s.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

you know how everyone screamed and whined about how mike (i have a show on fox news) huckabee wanted to get rid of the u.s. income tax and introduce a flat tax on goods –a consumption tax. and how everyone said it was regressive –would disproportionately hurt poor people. well, now the u.s. government (which has no money but still manages to give at least one country 3B dollars per year) wants to introduce a VAT.

so here’s the thing with the VAT. if i’m a farmer, i charge your local supermarket a VAT of say 20% (it is 19 in germany and 25 in sweden). he adds 20% to the price of your goods. –your state sales tax gets added on top of this. so the farmer deducts his expenses from the VAT he charged the supermarket (such as feed for his farm animals, equipment bought that quarter, etc.), so he gets to keep part of the tax he charged his the supermarket. the supermarket owner does the same for the goods that you purchase. so in the end, the tax is pushed off on the consumer. if you own your own biz or are a freelance photographer and need to buy goods or services related to your job. then you can deduct your expenses from the VAT before you hand it over to the government.


no filibuster proof u.s. congress

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

the run-off election in georgia has produced a republican winner. saxby chambliss beat jim martin by 60 to 40%. sarah palin, mitt romney, mike huckabee and john mccain all went down to georgia to help seal the deal while barack obama didn’t make the trip, but allowed his voice to be used in radio advertisements. so the democratic party will not get 60 votes in the senate and it will be possible for the republicans to block bills passed by the house. the check and balance system does work.

is it true what karl rove said, that barack obama has reverse coattails in the south?

mike huckabee meets with fox about show

Monday, July 14th, 2008

mike huckabee is meeting with fox execs this week to discuss hosting his own show. huckabee, who resurrected the legend of chuck norris earlier this year, is leaving for rwanda shortly with john mccain’s wife as well as tom daschle.

martin luther king died 40 years ago today

Friday, April 4th, 2008

remember back in january, when hillary clinton dissed martin luther king, jr and robert f. kennedy (who died 40 years ago this june) to praise lyndon b. johnson, of all people. during the course of her tirade, she got ted kennedy so hopping mad that the whole kennedy clan that matters (ted, caroline, and ethel. forget rfk, jr, the recovering addict turned environmentalist who threw his um-hum, weight behind hrc.)

it should be noted that hillary clinton and john mccain are taking part in an event to honor martin luther king. it should also be noted that last year, along with pbs, the congressional black caucus hosted debates for both the democratic and republican candidates. if i remember correctly, all the dems turned up, but rudy, mccain, and romney couldn’t be bothered to put in an appearance. but ron paul and mike huckabee both gave very impressive performances.

mccain and huckabee defend obama on reverend wright

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

the best part of this post are actually the comments beneath. someone notes that both john mccain and mike huckabee have defend obama saying a candidate shouldn’t be held responsible for what the people around them say yet hillary clinton has said nothing. you can read the details here. there’s also video floating around about this as well.

mike huckabee on leno hillary on letterman

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

mike huckabee flew into l.a. to put in an appearance on the jay leno show. talk shows like leno, letterman, and jimmy kimmel are back on the air. all with out writers, except for letterman.  apparently the letterman show has struck a side deal with the writers or the writers’ guild. this isn’t 100% clear. anyway. mike huckabee talks about his triple wide trailer and how bill clinton actually grew up in a place called ‘hot springs’ arkansas.  mike huckabee jams with the tonight show band here: 

chuck and oprah making a difference?

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

i’m not sure how i feel about celebrities endorsing politicians. back in 2004, i believe it was joe pantaloni who showed up on the doorstep of some ohioian in thousand dollar tennis shoes, begging the family to support john kerry. this year, there’s the big ‘o’ as in oprah winfrey who is fully supporting barack obama. and then there’s the big ‘norris’ as in chuck norris of of walking tall fame, supporting mike huckabee. the chuck norris facts website is getting a lot of traffic at the moment. number 1 fact on the site, ‘guns don’t kill people, chuck norris does.’ apparently a norris favorite is ‘chuck norris gave mona lisa that smile.’   

huckabee king of the one-liners

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

good article on huckabee in today’s guardian. it is hard to get one’s head around saying president huckabee. but it is a typical anglo-saxon surname. and i think a lot of people are a bit leary of a clinton coronation. the primaries has become a bit like a marathon, there’s really no reason to break out early, cuz it’s the last 100 yards that really matters.

i heart huckabee

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

i heart huckabee was the first film in the canon of jude law films, that pointed to the fact that jude law, while kind of a pretty face (albeit, with a receding hairline), wasn’t actually a star. when was the last time he opened a movie? or perhaps the real question is, has he ever opened a film? ‘the talented mr. ripley’ was pretty good, due to the ensemble cast. but on second viewing it sort of doesn’t hold up. ‘alfie’ was a wash as was ‘sky captain and the world of tomorrow.’

will the failure of the film ‘i heart huckabee’ have any bearing on the mike huckabee campaign for the u.s. republican nomination? he’s been all but ignored by the national media. and by every single actor in hollywood except, chuck norris:

could you image a president huckabee?