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editor of newsweek drops by fox news

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

you know the magazine must be hurting when jon meacham goes on hannity and colmes to push newsweek magazine (as well as his new book). you can located the video of this exchange about the similarities between obama and lincoln (NOT) on fox news.

here are the similarities between obama and lincoln. lincoln had only served for 2 years in the house of representatives. barack obama served for less than 2 years in the senate prior to running for the presidency. abraham lincoln was the first republican president. barack obama is the first black president. both studied law. so we’ve got the neophyte bit covered and the first one of something covered. and they both served a term (or in obama’s case almost a full term) in the federal government representing the state of illinois. but the similarities end because the operative word is that abraham lincoln was a member of the GOP.

lincoln had a legal career which spanned 2 decades. during which he argued numerous landmark cases. the cases on which obama has worked have so far not been scrutinized by the press or revealed by his former law firm.

during his campaign abraham lincoln and stephan p. douglas debated in an endless series of town hall meetings famously called the lincoln-douglass debates. something that barack obama refused to engage in with john mccain. it is conceivable, that obama would’ve prevailed and could’ve turned a modest win into a landslide of ronald reagan proportions. but we’ll never know.

but one thing’s for certain, this newsweek barack obama cover story is uncritical.