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owen wilson versus ben becker

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

owen wilson co-writer of rushmore, can’t get a break. he barely misses making the cover of newspapers in german speaking countries because of what may have been a suicide attempt has coincided with what may have been a suicide attempt and/or a drug overdose by the german actor, ben becker. must be that time of year. summer was all about starlights driving drunk and being thrown in the slammer. fall seems to be all about male actor depression, drugs, and suicide attempts. whose next? tom cruise?


owen wilson, it's always the comics

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

according to the new york post, which says according to 911 records its obtained, they’re pretty sure the bit on the form which says ‘attempted suicide’ in santa monica points to owen wilson.

i’ve never seen an entire owen wilson film. i’ve never found his style of humour or his friend ben stiller’s style of humour remotely funny. but i do sort of like his brother luke wilson. remember the vampire episode of the x-files?