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paris hilton busted for drugs at world cup

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

according to the sun (that ever reliable publication) apparently paris hilton has been nabbed after the brazil-netherlands game outside the stadium after hanging out with her pal leonardo dicaprio. the equally reliable daily mail reports that a police officer says she was in possession of ‘dagga’ and that she had smoked pot during the game. we bet she doesn’t even like football but only thinks kaka is hot and is sad she missed seing diego forlan score a beckham-esque goal during the uruguay versus ghana game. here’s some of her tweets prior to being nabbed. although one was updated 1 hour ago so maybe she’s not in the slammer.

paris hilton, caught with dagga in south africa, tweets from world cup


woman hater perez hilton shows his true colors

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

this story is so old. but oh well. so perez hilton blogged that carrie prejean is a ‘bitch’ on (we won’t link to that site here). then he got on msnbc and said he made a mistake and should have called prejean, miss california (and miss u.s.a runner-up) the c word. the comments beneath this l.a. times blog post are pretty pro-carrie prejean for standing up for her personal principles at a moment in time when many people (some high profile ministers) are not. the great thing about america is it’s free speech laws. and the constitution doesn’t limit free speech only to the people who agree with one’s own beliefs. many western countries have imposed limited free speech on their citizens, americans should be thankful.

but one might ask why the mysoginist perez hilton would be judging a beauty pageant? wouldn’t it have made more sense for donald trump to have hired paris hilton instead? although one might ask why donald trump should be overseeing a beauty pageant as well given that he’s got some major style problems.

rosie most annoying britney overexposed

Friday, December 28th, 2007

rosie lard-o, has the dubious distinction of haven been the most annoying celebrity of 2007. britney, shake your ass, according to parade magazine, was the most overexposed star of 2007.

as the year draws to an end, could it be that this year started out with mel gibson’s mugshot, flashes of britney’s private parts, a mad possibly coke-filled car chase featuring lindsey l., and has ended with the head of the hilton clan declaring that he won’t be leaving paris and nikki billions when he kicks the big one.

paris hilton at chelsea charity party

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

paris, the fashion-forward heiress with a police record, headed to the chelsea party in l.a. the team is in town training. and they’re set to play a friendly with david beckham’s new team, the l.a. galaxy. perhaps she met up with andriy schevenchenko the multi-million pound plus player (by that i mean money) whose had a difficult time finding the net during his year with chelsea.