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china’s cee summit

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

the chinese government is holding a summit this week in budapest to help foster the rise of what we will call the EURASIA union. beijing’s belt und road project includes trillions of dollars in infrastructure projects, according to the washington post. the germany-based der spiegel describes the summit as a way for the chinese government to cement their influence in central, eastern and south eastern europe. unlike americans and american companies, the chinese government and its people think in 100 years and not in quarters or 1 political term. the washpo article agonizes over china becoming a super power and usurping the US’s dominance in the world under the present US president. but this dominance started to grow under reagan, and hit warp speed during 2008. that is when the chinese government travelled the world looking for trump style deals on natural resources. as china has a dearth of this. unlike with previous empires such as the british, the chinese government seeks to make friends by employing local people to work on infrastructure projects and chinese engineers then teach domestic workers how to maintain them. as opposed to merely exploiting natural resources and creating seperate enclaves from the local people and treating the locals like untermensch. now in brazil there is an ongoing debate at the political level about chinese power in the country.

here is an example of china’s newish power: before the military in the african country zimbabwe staged a pseudo coup, a zimbabwean general went to beijing first. presumably to inform the government of their intention not to ask china for permission. as the cornerstone of the chinese doctrine is non interference in political and internal country matters.


china pulls africa and south america into the 21st century

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

that’s what the headline should be. but the independent reports this as ‘fears of chinese land grab.’

but at least the journalist acknowledges that china ‘follows a simple formula, offering premium prices and massive infrastructure investments in return for long-term concessions for key resources. And the positive impact is evident in spanking new infrastructure including hospitals, ports, and road and rail links being built with the influx of Chinese money.’

a commentor on the independent’s website who goes by ‘vic-the-brit’ sums everything up nicely. ‘Well at least China is paying hard cash. Europe and the US used to just take it by force, vitually enslave the population, grab as many resources as possible and kick the natives down if they got restless. ‘