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marco rubio’s acceptance speech

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

here’s a clearer video version of senator rubio’s acceptance speech courtesy of cspan.


marco rubio next u.s. president?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

marco rubio’s victory speech for the u.s. senate. the cuban-american enters the u.s. senate having won between 50 – 51% of the vote in multi-cultural florida. a longer video of rubio’s acceptance speech can be found on the town hall website.

marco rubio and rand paul early winners

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

exit polls point to marco rubio having won the senate race in florida, beating former florida governor charlie crist by 19 points and leading meeks by 30 with 49% of the vote. we’re pretty sure rubio is presently the only senator of latin american heritage presently in the senate.

the state of kentucky sends its first unofficial libertarian candidate to the senate. rand paul, son of ron paul–who made a spirited bid for president in 2008. we’re pretty sure that rand paul is presently one of the only medical doctors in the senate.

the drudge report is projecting that carly fiorina has lost to barbara boxer in california.looks like the dems get out the vote effort in california –otherwise known as vote for the semi-legalization of weed, helped boxer.

what has barack obama done for black voters?

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

this is most likely one question looming in the minds of floridians including kendrick meeks, florida’s democratic candidate for senate and the first african-american to run for the senate from florida.

this is somewhat of an historical election. the democratic candidates from south carolina and florida are both black. this is the first sense reconstruction? or is it? everything in the south, when it comes to politics, seems to be the first since reconstruction.

the drudge report, courtesy of a headline from the wall street journal, has asked meeks to drop out of the race, which would pave the way for christ to overtake marco rubio which would help democrats keep latinos in the corner. marco rubio, the son of cuban immigrants looks to be the first latino senator –not since reconstruction, because that didn’t have anything to do with latinos, but since ever.

but getting back to our headline. what has barack obama done for black voters in the u.s.? well, directly nothing. one could argue that the healthcare law rammed through congress would help african americans who are disproportionately impoversed in america. but then the question because would one rather have a job or health insurance?

because the u.s. social welfare system doesn’t really work if you are an unemployed african american male, white male, asian male, latino male. we think we’ve covered all groups there. and since the passage of what everyone likes to call obama care u.s. companies have engaged in a hiring freeze.