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macron 65% wins in france

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

macron at 39 years old is the youngest head of state of france since napoleon bonaparte in 1848.


blogging the french election 2

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

at 5pm france’s minister of the interior announced that turnout was at 65.30%. in 2012 it was 71.96%. the polls close at 7pm and 8pm (in some areas) CET time or (GMT + 1). according to reuters an unofficial poll by a belgian organization predicts emmanuel macron will win the presidency with 61% – 64% of the vote. you can watch the first round of results live at 19.05 (7:05pm) france time
in english or french on france 24:

blogging the french election

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

according to france 24 turnout at noon was 28.23%, only 2 percentage points behind 2012. in 2012 80% of the electorate voted in the second round of the french presidential election.

macron email hack

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

this is neither fake news nor old news. according to the drudgereport and reuters, etc, french presidential candidate emmanuel macron and his political campaign team have been hacked. when you go to websites such as zerohedge or hell just google macron postbin, you see that these files are (or probably as of now the operative word is ‘were’) hosted on we thought real hackers uploaded their wares to wikileaks not postbin and certainly don’t use to host the stuff.

so what’s going on here? and can this sway the french presidential elections? given that the announcement came just hours prior to the news blackout in france (see french laws about political elections) the macron campaign had enough time to announce the hack and repudiate the hack, saying that fake emails and documents were mixed with real ones.

one could accept that there was a hack. one could also wonder whether or not marine le pen has been outplayed by macron. as macron was outplayed by le pen when she spontaneously showed up to his meeting at a factory last week. by releasing the documents prior to midnight on friday, it was assured that the last few hours of the news cycle in france would be owned by the macron campaign. and that international media yahoos like cnn would spend the next 48 hours obsessively discussing the nano details about the so-called hack. despite the european commissioner president jean-claude juncker’s claim that english is a dying language (albeit not like latin), one would assume that macron’s globalist followers and jean-luc mélenchon’s youthful followers might be absorbed with dare we say reading international news and searching bit torrent for macron emails for at least the next 24 hours.

someone we know who knows someone who knows someone who went to and looked at some of the stuff. thinks that there’s nothing damining in the mix and it’s all rubbish.

but whatever is in the so-called hacked documents, this won’t help le pen close a 24 point gap. might the cyber event supress voter turnout? only for the dumb people. who decides 48 hours before a vote between le pen, macron, or staying home? arguably no french person who has a bank account with more than 500 EUR in it should ever vote for marine le pen. whether one is left-right-or a centrist, just even the threat of france exiting the euro currency could be the beginning of the end of the western world.

macron – le pen debate english version

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

France 24 has posted the english version of yesterdays’ debate all 2 hours and 33 minutes of it. as an aside, we would really like to know why a man does marine le pen’s voice.

hollande not running for president

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

france’s francois hollande has just announced he is not running for for a second term as president. the socialist president who the last time we looked at single digit approval numbers has decided to fall on his sword.

marine le pen comes out on top in france opinion poll

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

marine le pen, the head of france’s far right nationalistic part, the front, came out ahead of nicholas sarkozy, the current president of france and the head of the socialist party in an opinion poll, the bbc reports. marine le pen lead sarkozy by 2 percentage points.

what’s happened to ireland

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

the country has an unemployment rate of 14%, while far lower than the 20% in spain, it’s seemingly struggling a bit more. in 2009, christopher caldwell, who alternately contributes to the financial times and the weekly standard, wrote a lengthy piece on the new irish troubles that still englightens.

prior to the big bust of 2008–the one no one dares refers to as a depression, almost 80% of people in ireland owned their own houses (or apartments–we here choose never to refer to an apartment as a house).

now germany, and presumably france, who unwillingly lined up to assist greece last spring by forking over 20B a piece–about 250 per taxpaper’s head just in time to usher in the summer, are about to open their pocket books again. –pocket books. antiquated word. we know.

now, santa has approached these countries once again, in search of a handout. presumably the netherlands and the other eu countries will chip in –minus the other places whose populations gorged themselves on apartments and houses they couldn’t afford and placed all their financial aid in construction (a thinly veiled reference to spain and portugal.)

cameron advocates turkey joining the eu

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

unlike germany’s chancellor, angela merkel or france’s president, nicholas sarkozy. cameron is pro-turkey, when it comes to the country joining the european union. considering that the country is growing at an annual rate of 7% per year (unlike germany, france, or currently the uk), one would think that the common market would welcome a country that is self-sustaining and is not in dire need of tens of billions of euros to bail out its bank and government. but is this postering? or is cameron really trying to move the tory party closer to the center so that he can one day rule independently of the liberal dems?