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trump uses jerusalem as trump card

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

the US president donald trump is a master at media manipulation. during the presidential primaries he soaked up billions of essentially free advertising by doing things such as spending 20 minutes in front of a microphone repeating US senator ted cruz’s name and alternating it with the word canada. to remind patriotic (or rather, nationalistic) americans that cruz, while an american was actually born in a foreign country.

now that his lackey michael flynn has pleaded guilty to the FBI, trump wants to deflect attention to the ongoing investigation regarding the trump administration and what looks more and more like an obstruction of justice investigation and his possible pending impeachment.

an announcement that will get the western media’s panties in a bunch on both the left and the right, would be all things to do with israel. from the panicked born again christians who seemingly believe every detail of the mythology of the old and new testaments in the christian bible. to the jewish americans on both the left and the right (the people who work for the weekly standard) who have specific views about jerusalem and whatever else has to do with israel. to muslims who have specific views about jerusalem as well. for the rest of the world (the atheists and those who don’t give a sh*t), this is like watching fake news in reverse. a bit like when madeline albright let her personal religious views overcome her during perhaps a hot or cold flash and oversaw the vetoing of egypt’s boutros boutros ghali’s second term as head of the UN which didn’t help the US’s relationship with hot heads (or cold heads) in the near east. or anywhere else for that matter.


china’s cee summit

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

the chinese government is holding a summit this week in budapest to help foster the rise of what we will call the EURASIA union. beijing’s belt und road project includes trillions of dollars in infrastructure projects, according to the washington post. the germany-based der spiegel describes the summit as a way for the chinese government to cement their influence in central, eastern and south eastern europe. unlike americans and american companies, the chinese government and its people think in 100 years and not in quarters or 1 political term. the washpo article agonizes over china becoming a super power and usurping the US’s dominance in the world under the present US president. but this dominance started to grow under reagan, and hit warp speed during 2008. that is when the chinese government travelled the world looking for trump style deals on natural resources. as china has a dearth of this. unlike with previous empires such as the british, the chinese government seeks to make friends by employing local people to work on infrastructure projects and chinese engineers then teach domestic workers how to maintain them. as opposed to merely exploiting natural resources and creating seperate enclaves from the local people and treating the locals like untermensch. now in brazil there is an ongoing debate at the political level about chinese power in the country.

here is an example of china’s newish power: before the military in the african country zimbabwe staged a pseudo coup, a zimbabwean general went to beijing first. presumably to inform the government of their intention not to ask china for permission. as the cornerstone of the chinese doctrine is non interference in political and internal country matters.

merkel as head of minority government

Monday, November 20th, 2017

german chancellor angela merkel is most likely to form a minority government with the green party as the head of the pro-biz “liberale” fdp party announced the party is withdrawing from talks. a second election is highly unlikely as this would most likely lead to an even more inconclusive election outcome. the fdp could reconsider or tolerate the centrist coalition. as apparently according to german law, merkel’s next step is to speak with germany’s president on monday.

zimbabwe crisis

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

live reportfrom france 24 in english.

US senate tax plan helps grandpa and graduates

Friday, November 10th, 2017

the US senate’s revisions of the house bill includes leaving in deductions for medical expenses and student loan interest. the senate version of the tax bill does not eliminate estate taxes but changes some provisions. we wonder what the compromise will look like. the announcement that the corporate tax cut might be moved to 2019 shook up the stockmarket worldwide. but what about FACTA? the GOP vowed to repeal this banking law that makes americans and US companies uncompetitive.

catalan president turns self into belgian police

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

according to the bbc website, carles puigdemont, the former president of catalonia who left spain last week immediately after the regional parliament declared independence from spain. puigdemont and his fellow parliamentarians have been charged with sedition, rebellion (and a few other crimes). never in our lifetime did we think that the head of state of a western country would be charged with sedition.

GOP to end estate taxes

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

the US’s republican party (aka the Grand Old Party) introduced their tax plan yesterday. the lowest tax rate went from 10% to 12%. we at a blog about whatever are sure that the base of the republican party will be pleased with that. what’s 2% of nothing, trump and paul ryan probably thinks.  the plan also proposes to end tax deductions for medical expenses and interest on student loans. just to name 2 things eliminated. we know kids who go to 4 year universities don’t tend to vote for the GOP or they are rich enough that their parents pay their tuition in cash. but what about the base of the GOP you know, the percentage filled with dudes  in vocational school who have taken over the republican party? they too take out loans to got to school to become an electrician or mechanic or to work as a desktop support specialist. in 2024 estate taxes will go from a 40% tax rate to zero. just in time for trump to die and leave his estate to his children. here’s hoping his kids inherit the debt too.

spain crisis 54% catalons disapprove catalon parliament

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

according to the bbc 54% of catalans disapprove of the catalan parliament’s declaration of independence. 52% are in favor of dissolving parliament and holding new elections. a few weeks ago this later number stood at 46%. since the illegal referrendum held in september. *this post has been updated*

southern poverty law center

Monday, August 28th, 2017

some might say that ayaan hirsi ali is intolerant and is to blame for hollands’ fall from the disney land of europe to a hotbed of populism and xenophobia. that would only be partially true. as the foundation had already been lain by the success of the homosexual dutch populist pim fortuyn, who was killed by a dutch animal rights activist in the early 00s. given that ayaan hirsi ali is black and coupled with her being a recovering muslim, gives her criticism of the religion a certain weight, which maybe it should not have. why is she an expert on a particular religion? is it because she was raised in it. having grown up attending a christian church, does this make a person an expert on christianity? isn’t that why the clergy exists. at least the ones who actually hold a college degree in religious studies. now ali (not to be confused with mohammad ali) is on a quest to take down the southern poverty law center. the SPLC is a civil right organization that tracks intolerance and hate in the united states. according to her editorial in the new york times, she’s a bit pissed that the SPLC has put her on their hate group list. given that she has the right to say what she wants to about anyone as long as she is not inciting violence, the SPLC has the right to add her to a list of what they perceive as intolerant people. does she have the right to sue them? probably not. but her partner in arms in the UK, according to the BBC’s Hardtalk has decided to pursue this route. the first amendment in the US is not about picking and chosing what you like or don’t like. and as richard cohen says in the Hardtalk interview below, even the alt-right have the right to march in the US because the law allows it. and there are those who believe it is easier to deal with issues that are above ground than those that are below ground and opens up the opportunity of an intellectual debate. whether or not one agrees with the marchers is a completely different issue. the SPLC serves a useful purpose. their website is like a whose who of hate in the US. it is of course the PoV of the people who work at SPLC but they seemingly endeavour to backup their PoV with facts. it is up to the reader to decide whether or not he or she agrees with the SPLC.

mnunchin defends himself, or tries to

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

the trump administration brings you the US treasury secretary and producer of suicide squad, steve mnuchin. enough said. mnunchin defends donald trump against alumni from his yale graduating class. we guess the elite schools in the US just ain’t what they used to be.