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foreign money in european politics

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

should foreigners be allowed to donate money to dutch and EU politicians? is this a form of buying influence? according to a dutch newspaper, american david horowitz and his far right foundation have donated at least 150K to the dutch politican geert wilders. in most western countries politicians are not allowed to accept gifts over a certain amount that is more like 30 or 100 euros and not 150K.


the greens save the EU

Sunday, March 12th, 2017

a couple of months back tony blair, the former UK prime minister and father of ‘the third way” had his underwear (depends anyone?) in a bunch over the collapse of the center in the EU and the rise of fringe right populist parties. then the former head of austria’s green party alexsander van bellem won the austrian presidency after 3 nailbiters of an election (first round, runoff and a do-over) against the far right candidate from the fpoe party, norbert hofer.

now, after months of prepping for holland’s elections (which happen this week) with the expectation of a win (sorta) for geert wilder’s right populist pvv party it looks like jesse klaver, the head of the groenlinke (green left) party might pull out a win (sorta).

conventional wisdom and polling had put the pvv ahead for months. but in holland’s parliamentary structure–consisting of 150 seats, one needs 76 seats to really win. and apparently its been more than 100 years since that has happened. so compromises are necessary to build a coalition. which apparently would leave the uncompromising wilders out in the cold.

which opens the opportunity for a coalition of the left. which in the end could lead to the 30-year old jesse klaver becoming pm. meaning parts of the center might just hold up in holland thanks to the green party. choosing klaver as pm would be a huge f*ck you to geert wilders as he has run on an anti-moroccan platform and klaver is dutch-moroccan.