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prague tourism down

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

according to a recent report tourism has fallen in prague. many blame word-of-mouth regarding poor service. tax-free spending for japanese visitors has fallen by 26%. and apparently prague is having a difficult time attracting visitors for a second time.

i visited prague for the first time over 10 years ago. beer was still around 50 cents and the food was authentically czech. my friend and i were repeatedly ripped off at restaurants. whenever we sat down at a table, a waitress would immediately bring us condiments. and although we would never used them, we were charged for the stuff being on our table. we soon learned to wave these items away. but ultimately, we had an enjoyable time.

3 years back, i visited the city for a second time. i was amazed by the transformation. we were hardpressed to find a restaurant that sold gulasch. and everywhere we went we saw huge signs in front of pubs advertising the next game for chelsea or manchester united or arsenal being shown live on satellite tv. within 10 short years, prague had changed from a mini oasis for slacker americans to a haven for middle-class brits who could no longer afford live in london. i was truely amazed.