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music industry in dire straights looks for help from groupon

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

interscope (a u.s. based division of universal music group) released lady gaga’s latest album through amazon for 99 cents. yes 99 cents. and now uk-based artist david gray has one upped miss gaga. his new album is being exclusively released through groupon for 6 dollars (about 4 euros) for a limited period of time. since we are convinced the music industry doesn’t really matter anymore, we file these type of stories under music and not individual artist names. unless the artist is the artist who is presently called prince who was formerly called a symbol.


prince sues his fans

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

there’s a famous story some might call it an urban myth, but who knows. so about 10 years ago the manager of oasis discovered the band’s tracks on fan sites and allegedly then proceded to demand that the fans remove the songs. the next oasis album essentially tanked in the u.s.

i’m not sure what prince’s manager hopes to accomplish by threatening fans with legal action for erecting pictorial shrines to the diminutive one. the cluesless music industry gets it wrong again.

but prince has his 30M pounds –or whatever insane sum he made from his london gigs. why should he care if a 2 minute clip surfaces on youtube. his manager should consider it FREE PROMOTION.

prince shapes the future of music

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

the give-a-way in the uk newspaper, the daily mail may have, according to the newspaper, netted prince 300,000 pounds (over 600K in u.s. dollars). according to the article, the man presently known as prince, considers the whole promotion direct marketing and a way to promote his 21 upcoming concerts in london. 15 of the 21 dates have already sold out. if all the other gigs do too, then prince stands to make 15M pounds (over $30M)

prince gets it right

Monday, July 16th, 2007

prince has decided to cut out record labels. he has licenced his CD to the sunday edition of the uk paper, the mail to distribute for free. yesterday, they distributed 2M copies. prince is scheduled to play 21 dates in london later this year. his recent 8 day stand in l.a. was a big ‘ole hit. music for the masses.