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angelina jolie resurrects can't let go of a mighty heart

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

well, it seems like this is true. the trailer for beowulf, a book i totally hated when i was forced to read it in junior high school, features a narration by a woman, whom i assume is angelina jolie, with an afro-cuban accent.


is white the new black?

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

an article published today in the vancouver weekly the georgia straight talks more indepthly about the angelina jolie/a mighty heart controversy.

angelina steals roles from black actresses

Friday, June 22nd, 2007


it’s true. only a barrage of photographers (mostly from europe we’ll assume) showed up for the launch of posh spice’s clothing line at saks.

angelina stole halle’s film and tomkat

if you want to talk to angelina you need to sign a contract. old story. but more about her later.

according to a report in the new issue of Gala, tom cruise, (who was in berlin last week visiting the new scientology center and checking into shooting his new film valkyrie) wants the babelsberg studio to build a 300,000 euro climate regulating machine because he can’t step in front of the cameras if it’s more than 20 degrees (celcius, that is).

but we think cruise might be a little worried about his career. mission impossible was a flop. and even my accountant knows this. and cruise has 6 or 7 films in production and pre-production. which is usually a sign of fear in hollywood. just look at angelina jolie’s list. last year, she was accused of stealing roles from black actresses and women of color since she’s playing the role of an afro-cuban woman in a mighty heart. apparently halle berry was in talks to play the role until angelina decided she wanted it.

the history of cinema, being both bad and good, produced numerous bad bits in the 20th century. one of which was the racist tradition called ‘blackface’ in which white actors darkened their faces in order to look like people of african heritage. jolie has been accused of taking cinema back to the 20th century (and who wants to go back there?) with her portrayal of mariane pearl because her skin has been darkened, she wears brown contacts and her hair has been kinked out. apparently no one thinks it’s the same as deniro downing 40 or 50 donuts to be in a scorsese film. she and brad pitt (who produced the film) have been accused of both nepotism and cultural insensitivity. for people who consider themselves citizens of the world, this is nothing less than ironic.

the city of seattle’s progressive, well respected weekly newspaper recently ran an article about angelina jolie’s performance in a mighty heart putting the whole thing in the context of cinematic history.

perhaps the story of the murdered wall street journal reporter could’ve been told in a different way. it was the first kidnapping of a high-profile writer that completely played itself out on the internet. our prayers go out to bbc journalist alan johnston and his family. johnston has now been missing for over 100 days.