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npr exec lived in whitest place in america?

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

ronald j. schiller, is no longer the happiest man at npr pulling in a six figure salary and living in luxury in aspen colorado with his boyfriend and commuting to washington dc

earlier this week a video was posted showing ronald schiller having a barack obama moment by referring to people in flyover country as poorly educated gun crazed low income white people who weren’t smart enough to attend an ivy league school like he did. –well, he didn’t exactly use those words. and obama never derided whitey.

but unfortunately, one thing ron schiller forgot was that those NRA-loving folk who are only smart enough to work part-time at mcdonalds help (ed) pay his 6 figure salary and plush life in one of the whitest cities in america.

aspen colorado is 94.6% white. there are 363 latinos, 26 blacks, 14 native americans and about 86 asians –we’re assuming one of the later is rupert murdoch’s wife.


is the internet making us stupid

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

is the internet making us stupid? or just poor spellers? have you ever had a conversation with a friend or foe on IM only to toss out a tad of information. and wait for them to cross reference it in google prior to responding? while some of the aforementioned is not actually brought up in this bbc 4 radop podcast, it does seek to answer the question whether the young people have the capacity to actually read a book. even if it’s on the soon to be defunked kindle.

this week’s cover story on the weekly standard poses a similar question about facebook. which is definitely making people stupid.