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ron and rand paul in iowa

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

january 2 is a full day for ron paul. from 10am – 5:30pm he’s crisscrosing across iowa. can he win in iowa. definitely yes. but the curious thing is that ron is taking his son (senator) rand paul along for the ride. possibly preparing him for a run in 2016?

and the lies about ron paul are festering among the mainstreamm media. both the economist (the economist!) and new york magazine are declaring that ron paul will launch a 3rd party run. when in fact he has repeatedly said that he’s not interested in making a 3rd party run.


marco rubio and rand paul early winners

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

exit polls point to marco rubio having won the senate race in florida, beating former florida governor charlie crist by 19 points and leading meeks by 30 with 49% of the vote. we’re pretty sure rubio is presently the only senator of latin american heritage presently in the senate.

the state of kentucky sends its first unofficial libertarian candidate to the senate. rand paul, son of ron paul–who made a spirited bid for president in 2008. we’re pretty sure that rand paul is presently one of the only medical doctors in the senate.

the drudge report is projecting that carly fiorina has lost to barbara boxer in california.looks like the dems get out the vote effort in california –otherwise known as vote for the semi-legalization of weed, helped boxer.