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david carradine found hanged in bangkok hotel

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

revived by that hack quentin tarantino. now grasshopper has died. well, he’s got about 6 films in post production. so guess he’ll live on for a while. there are questions asking whether or not this was a suicide or a sex game gone bad. kinda like the whole amanda knox/foxy knoxy murder sex game situation in italy. but we digress. perhaps the family needs the life insurance money, like heath ledger’s. but um. whether it is or isn’t the facts are, ‘he’s dead, jim.’

this is the first entry in our new ‘recently dead celebrities’ section. so just so people can find this story in the tags we include ‘did david carradine commit suicide’ and ‘david carradine commits suicide’ so we’ve got all the bases covered.