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oliver stone's W is a big 'ole flop

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

oliver stone’s new film (aka, a $100m campaign donation to barack obama), has died at the boxoffice. it’s weekend take barely cleared the $10m hurdle according to boxofficemojo. the new film, starring josh brohlin as george dubya bush and thandie newton as condi rice, follows a long line of naughties films about the iraq war (such as the dud by ridley scott) and the bush administration that americans just aren’t interested in seeing. maybe dubya will do better overseas with all the europeans who suffer from bush delusionment syndrome.


golden globes cancelled

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

now if we can only get them to cancel the oscars! i’m a bit sadden by all of this. although ‘american gangster’ is a bit of a cliche and loaded with far too many stereotypes, it was well shot and i would love for my favorite director of all time, ridley scott, to finally get an oscar or something.

but i will miss the golden globes. it was a more condensed version of the oscars and the emmies. and one of the few times you got to see people do stupid things. like charlie evans jr, trying to squeeze himself into pictures with michael mann for that forgetable flick about howard hughes. and the grey’s anatomy meltdown from 2007.