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robert pattinson first 21st century teen idol

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

at ‘a blog about whatever’ we haven’t been overly concerned with whose in and whose out in terms of film or music. about a year ago there was talk about how it seemed that the only teen and tween idol out there was shira la-whats his name. who isn’t actually that attractive. of course zac efron has been around for a whole 3 films. but he’s like gay male fantasy fodder.

since vampire robert pattinson got hit by a taxi a few days ago trying to escape his tween-aged fans. this blogger has decided to invest more thought and time into this whole teen idol thing.

if you think about it. johnny depp is pushing 50 and isn’t tom cruise almost right there too. forever i’ve been wondering, where are the male actors to make women swoon? and as stated, zac efron, with his perfectly waxed body, doesn’t count. daniel radcliff just is not attractive (with or without the HP glasses). there are loads of young actresses who make the grade. but when it comes to teenage girls…well just look at titanic. they weren’t lined up to see kate winslet’s robost bod. they were all drooling over leo.

but what happened to leo. well various films he’d signed up for pre-titantic release suddenly came out all in the row. the worse of which was ‘the man in the iron mask’ in which dicaprio famously declares ‘i wear the mask, it doesn’t wear me!’

he then proceeded to diss his female fans by ignoring them. he wallowed in his 10 million a film pay day and went out and got all bloated and fat from booze and whatever. the he got all PC on the world and started tooling around in a toyota prius and yapping about the environment. which on one level is okay. but tweens don’t really give a s**t.

then he got himself together and started working again. but by then the damage had been done. he may be 35 but johnny depp looks way younger than him.

robert pattinson just might be the first teen idol since duran duran who has the ‘power’ to make girls cry. or maybe that should be revised to ‘new kids on the block.’ although as legend has it, donnie wahlberg only made them scream. the same with ‘nsynch’ –but that’s because the girls already knew lance was gay. pattinson is at least the first actor that the bbc has deamed important enough to show running his fingers through his hair.

does any of this stuff matter. yes it does. at least for selling film tickets and dvds and blue ray discs, and advertising on youtube and so on.

but will pattinson’s instant success come back to (dare we say) haunt him? with this ‘little ashes’ movie in which apparently he shows more than a little ass, he’s having more than a leonardo dicaprio ‘man in the iron mask’ moment. the question is, is there a publicist in hollywood who could take this gay film and couple it with robert pattinson’s ‘because i’m gay’ comment made on mtv news and spin it in a way that will convince female tweens that you know, he’s straight? even if he is. which he probably is. what gay man would be caught dead with bead head and and b.o.?

i would assume that he might be considering that he has already signed up for all 3 sequels to the ‘twilight’ movies. we know why kirsten stewart has, because you know, female leads are always expendable. but any straight guy would’ve waited for each successive film to come out then sign on for the next. that’s how you make money in hollywood, isn’t it?