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lions for lambs lucky to pull in 5.5M this weekend

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

that’s dollars. and that’s according to fox news which quotes someone close to the film as saying something to the effect that meryl and bob can’t stand tom.

tom cruise used to be known as the last movie star. and maybe he still is. is this the end for him? probably not. this is an ensemble piece about a touchy subject directed by a geriatric guy. it’s a way adult film so no one below the age of 30 would be remotely interested in this film.


rendition rakes in a measley 10M

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

apparently wars focusing on the iraq war aren’t heating up the box office in the u.s. the latest round of films, featuring a-list stars, a-list directors and well known producers have been met with a collective yawn by american audiences. according to this report hollywood is essentially a casualty of the iraq war. rendition, starring reese witherspoon and jake gyllenhaal (aka witherhaal), has taken in but $10M while the paul haggis directed, ‘in the valley of elah’ has taken in a measley $7M. this weekend, ‘lions for lambs,’ starring tom cruise, robert redford, and meryl streep opens. we eagerly await the film that has an average C rating.