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drop in u.s. homeless population

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

according to the new york times, the u.s. homeless population is falling. hmmm. there was a time when you couldn’t help but stumble over homeless people around bryant park. but we all know that’s because rudy giuliani pushed them to the burbs and beyond (like new jersey).

contrast this with the onion’s assertion that the nation’s poorest 1% controls 67% of soda can wealth.


martin luther king died 40 years ago today

Friday, April 4th, 2008

remember back in january, when hillary clinton dissed martin luther king, jr and robert f. kennedy (who died 40 years ago this june) to praise lyndon b. johnson, of all people. during the course of her tirade, she got ted kennedy so hopping mad that the whole kennedy clan that matters (ted, caroline, and ethel. forget rfk, jr, the recovering addict turned environmentalist who threw his um-hum, weight behind hrc.)

it should be noted that hillary clinton and john mccain are taking part in an event to honor martin luther king. it should also be noted that last year, along with pbs, the congressional black caucus hosted debates for both the democratic and republican candidates. if i remember correctly, all the dems turned up, but rudy, mccain, and romney couldn’t be bothered to put in an appearance. but ron paul and mike huckabee both gave very impressive performances.