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can sarah palin and the tea party be blamed for gifford’s gunman

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

the answer to that is ‘absolutely not.’ and there’s a logic to this answer that’s grounded in the theory of ‘personal responsibility.’ and that also goes for blaming the likes of glenn beck, rush limbaugh and talk radio.

john hinckley shot ronald reagan. since he claimed that he did it to get her attention? can we blame jody foster for this? considering that jody foster was a-political at the time (or we think she probably was). anyway hinckley was so delusional, he couldn’t recognize a carpet muncher when he saw one.

boris johnson, currently mayor of london, once espoused his love for american a.m. radio. saying essentially that talk radio was uniquely american and has no counter-part in the uk.

while gifford, being shot is a tragedy, the only person responsible is the guy who shot her. not the guy who sold him the bullets or the taxi driver who drove him to the rally or sarah palin.