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will tarantino’s films suck now that sally menke is dead?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

sally menke, editor of reservior dogs, pulp ficition, kill bill, and basically all of the tarantino films that don’t suck–with the exception of inglorious bastered, has died apparently while hiking in an area usually frequented by yuppies. but unfortunately, she had the misfortune of being out in 113 degree farhrenheit heat (yes, americans still haven’t followed the world and switched to celsius) and so no yuppies were around. arguably it is the editor who makes a film. and by looking at tarantino’s body of work without her name on it, we learn a bit more where his signature style came from and probably who picked all of his music. or at least integrated all the tunes effortlessly into his films. like in signature sequences like the ear scene in reservoir dogs. but, and we just have to point this out, she also edited teenage mutant ninja turtles.