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the end of the metrosexual

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

james cameron is all about setting the tone for hollywood. after the success of titanic, everyone scrambled looking for the next leonardo dicaprio. for 12 years while james cameron was away filming underwater documentaries movie-viewing audiences were mercilessly visually assualted by guys who looked like prepubscent boys (tobey maguire anyone?) and not like men. girlie men who looked like they got their chests waxed daily and visited the facilist once-a-week.

is it any wonder than cameron declined to put the likes of jake gyllenhaal and matt damon in avatar? but it’s kinda sad that he had to venture beyond north america and europe to the otherside of the planet (you know the place that’s summer in winter) to find a man like sam worhtington –you know, a guy who looks like a man and not like david beckham.


james cameron talks about controversial themes in avatar

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

here’s the video version of the backstage interview

james cameron addresses accusation avatar anti-military

Monday, January 18th, 2010

james cameron directly addressed some of the ‘controversy’ surrounding his science fiction thriller. although no press guy had the balls to ask him about the so-called racist undertones. which we here feel are non-existent. he did address the accusation that his film is anti-military. the link shows a video of james cameron with some of his cast in the backstage area of the golden globes.

but the big question is. where was sam worthington for the today show interview. the whole avatar cast (well, nearly) turned up for their early morning interview but worthington was no where to be seen. drunk as a sunk? or did he oversleep?

avatar is not a racist screed

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

it’s oscar campaign time and we’re wondering whose spreading badness about avatar in the hopes of denying james cameron a much deserved oscar. the story is not a messiah tale about the white man who goes to save the noble savages. this is a story about aliens. the main character, happens to be white. and at the end when he’s accused of betraying his race, the guy’s talking about the human race, because well, the character sam worthing portrays, jake sully, is a human in an avatar body. here’s the ridiculous article on yahoo. bear in mind, the yahoo links tend to vanish after a few weeks. but you could always google ‘some see racist theme in alien adventure.’ one of the most laugh out loud headlines i’ve read in centuries.

aside from the story line. i would bet that this is one of the few blockbusters that has a diverse cast of extras. how many latina women have been cast to play the lead in films with budgets over 100m dollars. the answer to that is one. zoe saldana. and she carries the film fantastically. we just wish we could add the umlaut and other character to her name and write it the way it should be written, but our html reader would probably freak out.

sam worthington is so worth it

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

we love sam worthington for being a man’s man and a woman’s man. and we hope james cameron brings him back for the avatar sequels.