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can sarah palin and the tea party be blamed for gifford’s gunman

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

the answer to that is ‘absolutely not.’ and there’s a logic to this answer that’s grounded in the theory of ‘personal responsibility.’ and that also goes for blaming the likes of glenn beck, rush limbaugh and talk radio.

john hinckley shot ronald reagan. since he claimed that he did it to get her attention? can we blame jody foster for this? considering that jody foster was a-political at the time (or we think she probably was). anyway hinckley was so delusional, he couldn’t recognize a carpet muncher when he saw one.

boris johnson, currently mayor of london, once espoused his love for american a.m. radio. saying essentially that talk radio was uniquely american and has no counter-part in the uk.

while gifford, being shot is a tragedy, the only person responsible is the guy who shot her. not the guy who sold him the bullets or the taxi driver who drove him to the rally or sarah palin.


have matt damon's politcal views made him the next george clooney at the boxoffice?

Monday, March 15th, 2010

long headline. whew. matt damon famously took a potshot at sarah palin in 2008 when she and john mccain were running for vp and president of the united states against joe biden and damon’s pal barack obama. obama is pals with the oceans team. this has been proved by the number of times brad pitt and george have visited the white house over the past year.

irregardless. damon’s last 3 movies (including the just opened greenzone) have all been huge flops. greenzone’s dismall $14M opener in the united states means it makes anti-war iraq themed movies 0 – 20 (or maybe it’s more like 8). but we will point out that greenzone’s 3 day gross equals the hurt locker’s lifetime gross. damon will most likely find his legs again. he’s a pretty good actor when he wants to be. and people will forget the other stuff, maybe. it could be that invictus didn’t work like gangbusters because americans aren’t interested in rugby. and it could be that greenzone died on the vine because americans (still) don’t want to pay to see something (the iraq war) that they have been watching on television for the past 7 years.

read the comment section under this yahoo article. bear in mind, that after a while, the yahoo links expire. because, well, yahoo kinda sucks sometimes, doesn’t it.

sarah palin's speech at tea party convention

Monday, February 8th, 2010

sarah palin spoke during this past weekend’s tea party convention in nashville, tennessee. here’s the full 40 some odd minutes.

sarah palin reads from william shatner's biography

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

sarah palin reads from william shatner’s biography as conan and william shatner observe.

newsweek's palin cover

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

no debate about sexism here. the real deal is that newsweek, according to runner’s world magazine the company that originally commissioned tthe photos, ran the photo without the magazine’s knowledge and more importantly, without their permission. is time-warner (or whatever the company is called now) shaking in their boots out of fear of rodale, the publisher of runner’s world?

according to the caption in the above link, the image was given to newsweek by the photographer’s stock agency. so this could lead to a question regarding rights and copyright. who owns the rights to these photos? yes, they were commissioned by runner’s world. but what sort of contract does the photographer have with the magazine? and what rights does the photographer’s stock agency have? and what photographer aside from annie lebovitz, who barely even owns her own stuff anymore (was she foreclosed or not?) has his (we prefer not to use the ‘his or her’ or ‘their’ construct that one finds on twitter) own stock agency?

and yes, given the context of the image and that it’s no longer inside the covers of a running magazine but prominently featured on the cover of a (cough cough) real news publication, it is quite interesting that the editors were hardpressed to find another cover image. or that christopher hitchens, sexist that he usually appears to be, was given the honors of writing a scathing screed on palin.

sarah palin run out of office

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

was the soon to be former governor of alaska run out of office? was the woman, who at one point last year had an approval rating of 80% and presently leads one of the few states in the u.s. that’s not bleeding from the economic recession, totally trashed by the right coast (meaning left of course) media?

what with david letterman basically encouraging baseball player (you know, the game nobody else in the world understands) alex rodriguez to accost her 14 year old daughter followed close on the heels by levi johnston (father of bristol palin’s kid) getting himself inserted into as many tabloid zines as possible, and then there’s of course the vanity fair article (the u.s. one, remember, the german one closed this year) questioning her mental states and suggesting she was suffering from you know, post baby depression during the 2008 elections.

this is sort of a trend. tends to happy to successful women. look at carly fiorina from HP and well, the list is short because of you know, that glass ceiling thing. but are the dems so afraid of sarah palin that they have continued thrashing her despite the presidential election being almost 1 year old. and despite the fact that um, barack obama, whose got less experience than palin (who was incidentally only running for vp) is now president of the united states running the country in the middle of a depression that some believe is the result of the democratic party having talked the economy down for 2 years in order to win the white house in 2008 so that they could you know install a charismatic dictator and push the country into the 21st century version of socialism (given that the 20th century version failed). but enough with the run on sentences.

no filibuster proof u.s. congress

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

the run-off election in georgia has produced a republican winner. saxby chambliss beat jim martin by 60 to 40%. sarah palin, mitt romney, mike huckabee and john mccain all went down to georgia to help seal the deal while barack obama didn’t make the trip, but allowed his voice to be used in radio advertisements. so the democratic party will not get 60 votes in the senate and it will be possible for the republicans to block bills passed by the house. the check and balance system does work.

is it true what karl rove said, that barack obama has reverse coattails in the south?

sarah palin goes to georgia to rally the rnc base

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

sarah palin, the defacto head of the republican party, will spend some time in georgia alongside saxby chambliss who is campaigning against democrat jim martin in a run-off election in less than 2 weeks. who names their child saxby?

this race is important because with republican stevenson down, the democratic party is inching toward the filerbuster proof number 60 in the senate wing of congress. if chambliss loses his senate seat or if coleman goes down in minnesota, then nancy pelosi and crew will have their 60 seats.

does this matter? well, the u.s. constitution is all about checks and balances and the will of the people. one could argue that if the will of the people is that the democrats control everything, then so be it. the other side of such an argument is that perhaps, based on what happened with bill clinton during the first couple of years of his administration and the fiscal irresponsibility that was george w. bush for 6 years, both of whom led during those periods while their respective parties were in charge.

wall street journal weighs in on demonization of sarah palin

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

bbc and christopher hitchen and election coverage

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

nice that it’s live on the internet. but completely slanted. christopher hitchen keeps raving about ‘that woman,’ which he uses to refer to sarah palin.