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california battles mississippi for worst schools in america

Friday, August 1st, 2008

back in the 70s, california used to be the envy of america. great public schools. tuition free universities. now.the state ranks among the bottom 5 states.

these articles about california’s financial woes. like schwarzenegger terminating thousands of jobs because of the most recent budget crisis. always fail to mention proposition 13, passed in 1978 which doesn’t allow the state to raise property taxes. property tax is perm. set at 1%.

section 1 of proposition 13 states: the maximum amount of any ad valorem tax on real property shall not exceed one percent (1%) of the full cash value of such property. the one percent (1%) tax to be collected by the counties and apportioned according to law to the districts within the counties.


hillary clinton plants questions a second time during campaign

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

the big surprise is that more candidates don’t do this. ‘W’ ‘s people always used to hand pick attendees to town hall meetings and rallies, but his campaign manager’s people were never caught feeding people questions.

i remember when arnold schwarzenegger ran the first time for the governorship of california, his press people asked reporters to submit his questions in advance of his first press conference. as he’d been doing this for most of his career and most likely views politics as a kind of theatre, he didn’t see anything wrong with the request.