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3rd x-files movie

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

will there be a third x-files film? the last film ‘i want to believe’ bombed at the box office. but some fans are holding out hope. december 22, 2012 is an important date on both the myan calendar and in the x-files mythology.

but the question is does the x-files have the staying power of say star trek? star trek was only on for 3 years (initially) and then it was cancelled. while the x-files was on for 9 years.

the show, much beloved by fans, spawned one successful feature film. but 2008’s ‘i want to believe’ was a dogget of a film, that quickly faded at the box office.

so where are the fans now? dispersed across the internet. hanging out in forums. meeting up at star trek stammtisches. but why did they avoid the last film?

some say it’s because the film sucked. i’m on board for that one. others say it’s because david duchovny and gillian anderson should be permanently confined to the little screen (aka your TV) and not the big one.

but the fans are there. they’re just a bit older. maybe a re-release of the series on blu-ray might get people going.

but rumors abound that putting this series out on blu-ray, which apparently ended prior to fox switching to HD might be a dog of a nightmare. maybe all the effects will have to be fixed. and some computer genius is going to have to work wonders on the SD masters as someone online recently posted because although the series was shot on film, it’s been archived on SD :-(.

gillian anderson leaving the donmar theatre in london following her appearance in 'a doll's house'


colorado vote on setting up UFO commission

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

the wall street journal is reporting today that denver voters get to vote on whether or not colorado would set up an extraterrestrial affairs commission to deal with possible contact (in the future) with ET or mars attacks type characters.

sam worthington is so worth it

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

we love sam worthington for being a man’s man and a woman’s man. and we hope james cameron brings him back for the avatar sequels.

ufo over siberia

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

101 years ago an unexplained event that would make fox mulder and the lone gunmen (r.i.p.) take notice occured over siberia. there was a bright light and many trees were destroyed. a russian scientist now claims that a ufo crashed into a meteorite to save planet earth.

thomas kretschmann science fiction

Friday, July 20th, 2007

perhaps transformers will be the biggest science fiction film of 2008. perhaps. i don’t really consider harry potter science fiction, it’s more a child-fantasy film like the chronicles of narnia. although i quite like the later, i’m a bit burnt out on the former.

i’ve been getting a lot of hits on this blog regarding thomas kretschmann, the actor who got stiffed by tom cruise and bryan singer and united artists on the part of count von stauffenberg in the film valkyrie, which apparently is now to be calle ‘rubicon’ in the states. not sure about the new title. sounds a bit like ‘rubic’s cube.’ but of course, no one has asked my opinion. no matter. i thought i would post a clip from the european film immortal a science fiction film that was released around 2002 which stars kretschmann, the new face of hugo boss. well, not so new, i think this happened at the end of 2006. unfortunately, as he is german, although he’s been living in the u.s. long enough to be considered a yank, he’s been forced to play in an endless stream of world war 2 movies. he had the misfortune of being cast in ‘king kong.’ which lost out at the box office to the aforementioned ‘chronicles of narnia’ in 2005.

i quite like immortal. the effects are solid but not overly played as in michael bay’s ‘transformers’ or verhoeven’s ‘starship troopers.’ it’s worth picking up at your local video store. we watched it at home on our beamer and with the exception of one or two scenes, i quite enjoyed the film.