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french socialists reject segolene royal for chaos

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

france’s socialist’s political party narrowly elected martine aubry as head of the party. she narrowly defeated segolene royal, who was the first female presidential candidate in the 2007 election, intends to challenge the vote.

how is the media covering this? it was top headline on bbc world this morning and is prominently displayed on the homepage of the channel as well. although we don’t watch cnn 24-7, this morning we did not see a story on this. the new york times ran an article earlier in the week about how the socialist party, the party of francois mitterand and the infamous 35 hour work week –which has destroyed the frenc economy, had failed to elect a leader.

although nicholas sarkozy was elected a little more than 1 year ago, defeating royal by 5% of the vote, it seems as if he has been the president of france for ages.