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amanda knox american co-ed on trial for murder in italy

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

is amanda knox having an anne hathaway moment? did she too get mixed up with a well off italian boyfriend who turned out to be not quite who she thought. or did her italian boyfriend get mixed up with an american who he didn’t really know. or is this what the italian media has protrayed as a sex game gone bad. last year about this time, her local leftie seattle weekly rag, the stranger tried to get to the bottom of the case via a free trip to italy.

when amanda knox was arrested, she did what any good american white woman would do, she fingered the black guy. lumumba, the owner of the bar where she worked. maybe this works in the u.s. but apparently it doesn’t work in italy. considering neither the guy’s fingerprints nor dna were discovered in the flat or on/in the body.

fully implicated by the italian press based on her allegedly conflicting testimony to the italian police. as well as web 2.0 including social networking sites such as her myspace page, where she was listed as ‘foxy knoxy,’ her facebook page, and random videos on youtube like the one below which show her considerably drunk and beyond obnoxious.

with the evidence that has been laid out and presented by the italian police and laid out by the italian media, it could be concluded (but not definitively) that knox along with her boyfriend had a hand in the killing and perhaps the question is to what degree. but we won’t know this until the end of the trial. and even then, perhaps we will never know the truth. the question for the court could ultimately be whether or not she was directly involved (30 years) or knew what was happening or had happened and helped cover it up and failed to ring the police (15 years).

the italian media has painted amanda knox as basically the poster child of american excess. fox news and the prolific herado rivera last week tried to make a case for knox by saying she won’t get a fair trial due to latent italian anti-americanism. but last i remembered, silvio berlusconi, the italian prime minister, is known for his love of all things american and was one of the few political figures in europe who maintained a good relationship with george w. bush throughout bush’s presidency. the trail starts february 6.


obama calls world leaders

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

this is burried in an article about silvio berlusconi (the italian prime minister and a friend of bush and mccain) referring to obama as being tanned. shouldn’t world leaders be calling obama? is he giving up power already?

berlusconi flourishes under financial crisis

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

there have been a number of articles over the past few weeks about how silvio berlusconi, the 72 year old prime minister of italy and media mogul has seen his popularity rise during the present international banking crisis. the new york times notes that berlusconi is in very good spirits. this article comes 4 days after a similar version ran in the financial times.

could it be that the editors of the new york times are following the lead of international newspapers when it comes to covering international news, as opposed to generating their own stories?

what’s also questionable about the article is the mention of russia followed by vladimir putin’s poll number while there is zero mention of the present president of russia, dimitry medvedev. even in the u.s. presidential debates, the moderators insisted on discussing vladimir putin (as did the presidential candidates) while ignoring medvedev. although putin may be the power behind the power. until we 100% know, it seems that there should at least be some acknowledgement that russia has a new head of state.