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spain wins world cup in extra time, thomas mueller wins golden boot

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

the game seemingly went on forever. 8 players on the netherland side picked up 9 yellow cards and 1 got sent off with a red card during extra time. in the end spain prevailed. thomas mueller, the 20 year old from germany who only started playing with the germany national team in march, scored the golden boot for the tournament. diego forlan got the ‘man of the tournament/best player of the tournament‘ award and nelson mandela made an appearance at the game.


the curse of michael ballack

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

we’ll start by saying, michael ballack gets hurt, chelsea wins the premiere league. the same injury keeps ballack out of the world cup, germany sails (almost effortlessly) through to the semi-finals. ballack turns up in south africa for the argentina game. 4 days later germany loses miserably to spain. who control the ball for 90% of the game versus germany’s 10%. so apparently it takes a good 3- 4 days before the curse sets in.

update: ok. maybe the curse doesn’t exist. ballack wasn’t around for the semi finals. he left 2 days after the argentina game. and this in spiegel notes, regarding ballack, after the germany national team lost to spain in the semi-finals of the world cup: ‘Ballack was on everyone’s mind once again. Someone said that the Germans also need a player who’s capable of kicking somebody once in a while.’

germany versus uruguay

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

does anyone really care that germany beat uruguay 3:2 to win yet another 3rd place word cup metal. well, the upside is that the players actually get to keep their awards. while if they had actually won the tournament come july 2011, they’d have to return their solid gold stature.

this time around, trainer jogi loew did not get caught on camera picking his nose and eatting the contents. miloslav klose had to sit out the game because according to one site, he had a back injury, but according to another website, he was sick. so unless loew wheels the old guy out in 2014 to score one last goal, klose will have to make do with having been the co-second most scorer in world cup history, behind brazil’s ronaldo.

after germany defeated uruguay, diego forlan‘s name started trending on twitter. the striker for uruguay had been asked to return to england to play in the premiere league. during his time with manchester united, it took him something like 27 games to score a goal and has had a stunning reversal of fortune since he was sold off to a spain-based team.

floran is one of many players who has embraced social networking. he currenly has almost 250K followers on twitter. and has spent the past 5 weeks uploading his video diary to his official youtube page ( well, we doubt he is phyiscally doing it himself considering most people over the age of 30 are essentially technologically challenged. even men. but then again, youtube is pretty idiot proof.

here’s a video of uruguay’s hotel staff congratulating uruguay on advancing in the tournament:

here’s a video of the uruguay team celebrating their quarter-final win.

uruguay goes down but shows hope for the future

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

uruguay, despite having 3 of its key players out last night, put in a good showing in the semi-finals of the world cup. they managed to bow out with a 2:3 loss to the netherlands. the future looks bright for this small football nation.

nelson mandela and arjen robben

Monday, July 5th, 2010

according to the new york times, nelsen mandela spent 18 of his 27 years imprisoned on robben island. so we’re sorta wondering what he and saint bono are thinking about while watching the netherland’s key striker arjen robben as he plays during the first world cup in africa. the csmonitor notes that the south africans who speak afrikaans, a dutch dialect left over from colonialism, are giddy with delight that the oranje might win their first world cup. since being in south africa, the dutch team has donated a football pitch to the city of johannesburg.

should holland win the world cup in africa?

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

should holland (aka the netherlands) win the first world cup in africa? considering it’s in south africa, which was once a dutch colony and the country (not the football team or anyone presently alive at this point), along with the uk (we’re not letting anyone off the hook), instituted apartheid by dividing africans into blacks and coloureds and completely segregating the blacks and the coloureds from the white south africans.

there is a theory that history is played out on the pitch during the world cup. and it would only be fitting that germany, one of the few european countries that didn’t really have overseas colonies (except for namibia for a minute) should win the world cup. or uruguay, which itself is a product of colonialism, as opposed to the netherlands. and given that the citizens of holland have just thrown a surge of support behind a far right racists, anti-immigrant political party, which came second (according to the daily telegraph) or third (according to the economist) in national elections (going from 9 seats to 24 seats). so at this moment in history is the world cup deserved?
but perhaps if holland’s party of football one day takes its rightful place in the government, all will be forgotten.

germany takes revenge on argentina for 2006

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

in the quarter-finals of the world cup football championship, germany beat argentina 4:0. we’d say it was fitting revenge for the fight initiated by the argentina team in 2006 after germany beat argentina in a game that went beyond extra time to penalties.

the netherland beats brazil on corners and free kicks

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

even though the netherlands beat brazil 2:1, the team was only able to score on a corner and off a free kick. even after 1 brazilian team member was sent off with a red card, the netherlands was not able to score against 10 men. this should give uruguay hope. let’s hope the south americans can win. because perhaps although the netherlands is a good team, the country (as a whole) probably should not win the first world cup in african given that many of the problems that presently exist in south africa are a direct result of dutch rule. also uk rule. you know, both countries were party to the rape of africa. but england is already out of the tournament. but the team did donate a pitch to an underprivilege neighborhood in south africa. so it aint all bad.

the world cup bringing africa together

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

although ghana is the last african team standing, south africans are still enjoying the tournament and the guardian website notes in this video report that the WC (or the WM as it’s called in germany) is having the effect of bringing the continent together.

angela merkel uses football metaphors

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

german chancellor angela merkel compared the 3 rounds of voting needed to elect christian wulff as president of germany in terms of the world cup tournament. according to the wall street journal, she said ‘We’ve just had the (unsuccessful) game against Serbia. Now for the (triumphant) game against England.’