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Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE a hit in Germany

Friday, December 28th, 2012

the lte version of the samsung galaxy s3 was released late november 2012 in germany. since then carriers have had a hard time keeping the new phone in stock. we took stock of this (no pun intended) over the holiday shopping season, visiting various electronic shops such as saturn while also cruising by free standing carrier shops for vodafone, debitel and t-mobile. we were only able to find the phone at a t-mobile phone. the lte version of the s3 comes with 2 gb of RAM (an increase by 500MB from the version released over the summer). both versions have the 16GB and 32GB internal speicherplatz (as it is called in deutschland). samsung has announced that a 64GB version is coming soon.

samsung galaxy s 3 lte

samsung galaxy s 3 lte


angry jobs says other tablets are too small

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

according to reuters, steven jobs went crazy on a conference call to investors. the ipad, which we’ve noted here before, which does not support flash–currently the industry standard for web video delivery, and which does not have a USB port, is seeing stiff competition. jobs has countered that his competitor’s tablets are too small.

research in motion, the canada based company, unveiled its tablet for business schmoos last month. yes, it’s far smaller than the iPad. and presumably works in direct sunlight.

3M pocket projector

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

3m’s mp180 pocketprojector is the slide protector of the 21st century. who needs an ipad –that doesn’t even work in direct sunlight, when for the same amount of money you can get a device that lets you store stuff like music and PDFs and has USB?

sony viao p series pocket laptop

Friday, April 10th, 2009

yesterday, took a look at the sony viao p series laptop. it’s a pocket laptop that could conceivably fit in one’s back pocket if one wears baggy jeans and is a guy. at 999 euros (1200 dollars), it is definitely a vanity piece. and comes in an abundance of colors and a simple carrying pouch.

the big problem with the system, and this is addressed in the cnet review as well, is that it is virtually impossible to use the mouse. it’s one of these blackberry type contraptions that is bound to break. but the keyboard is nice and the screen is of surprising high quality. it comes pre-loaded with windows vista, which some people claim eats up 33GB of the 60GB memory.

is the vaio p the bridge between the convergence of the mobile phone and the computer? and should these 2 devices converge? nokia seems to think so, as they’re getting into the computer business. but as we can see, the problem is really all about the mouse and navigation. and how small can one go and still give users control. perhaps the only solution is a touchscreen. and this is by far not a plug for apple, but for the LG prada 2 950 which is a touch phone that also comes with a keyboard that easily slides beneath the phone. the latest version comes with gps and wifi.

lost in austen mini-series comes to the u.s.

Monday, March 16th, 2009

how to pick up your sorrows during the financial crunch. for girls. they might try watching the mini-series,‘lost in austen’ produced by the bbc which has been available in europe for quite a while, but comes to the u.s. in april. the comedy stars jemima rooper, who plays an avid reader of all that is jane austen, especially ‘pride and prejudice.’ during the course of the film she is transported into the book, switching places with elisabeth bennet. rooper, with her geometric hair cut is somewhat annoying up until she exclaims that she has 25K pounds per year and insists that mr. darcy remove his coat and dive into the lake, rising slowly prior to exiting. the film also stars alex kingston.

anyway. this is for all you mad jane austen fans. we predict that any day now, those austen throwback laura ashley dresses will become all the fad. once again re-echoing the recessionary style of the early 1990s. austen for girls. grunge for boys. a laura ashley watch has been officially declared.

for men (or women) itching for new technology and anxious to upgrade their decaying computer but caught in the financial/credit crunch, considering purchasing the low cost, LG mini-laptop. while some refer to these systems as ‘internet laptops.’ the LG has a wide keyboard, giga and gigabytes of hard drive. and you can stick the finger to microsoft by making use of ‘open office,’ which comes with the system. these systems are great for airport travel. –especially if one has to change plans multiple times or stand in line for hours to get through customs at gatwick or london heathrow.

still time for google killers

Friday, February 6th, 2009

the world of online technology is riddled with bodies. remember netscape and alta vista? remember when every marketer’s wet dream was to appear on the AOL welcome screen? so, it’s completely plausable, and highly likely that once everyone discovers that google is merely a marketing company and not a technology company, it will slowly go the way of yahoo and then ultimately end up like here’s a fairly insightful artilce from adweek.

mobile phones and depression

Friday, June 13th, 2008

are you addicted to texting? do you feel down when your incoming calls are non-existent. do you think this means you should be carted off to a mental hospital?

the bbc hogs the internet

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

internet service provider, tiscali, is up-in-arms in the uk. apparently, the bbc’s decision to launch their new iplayer and make archive and current television programs available to uk citizens is having a global impact. it’s slowing down the internet. and isps like tiscali want the bbc to fork over money to pay for all the extra bandwidth their programs are eatting up.

once upon a time, when a company like AOL was merely an isp and not a ‘media company,’ it used to be able to charge customers based on useage, this looked like the part of the internet phenomenon that would be the most lucurative. but as companies like earthlink started to charge monthly rates, forcing AOL to do the same, the isp business model has come to resemble that of a charity or the public service area.

the new service offered by the bbc has been available since christmas and is only for uk citizens as the fees they pay for having a telly is how the channel is funded. too bad. i would’ve liked to have had the opportunity to watch the east enders during the martin kemp years.

adobe offers free web based version of photoshop

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

adobe, which sets the international standard for design software, has announced that it is making a special web-based version of photoshop available for freaks and geeks like you and me for free.

google finds yet another way to stalk you

Monday, December 17th, 2007

google claims that knol is a better way to organize the internet. the structure of the project, while quite similar to wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, diverges in one way. it wants to find authors who are specialists on a particular subject and split ad revenue with them.

the beauty of wikipedia is that anyone can anonymously upload and or edit information. with knol, like google’s blogger, and google search, its all about tracking.