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the end of silicon valley

Friday, November 10th, 2017

now that the US government has proven that FaceBook, Google and Twitter collected hundreds of millions of pounds/euros/dollars (please choose one) from organisations connected to russia’s kremlin to divide and conquer the US, can we now please just forget about these companies? back in the 70s and the 80s, from what we’ve read, the tech industry was populated with people like bill gates — white christian dudes with poor social skills who got into computers because they were misanthropes. now the WASPY dude with a slide protector has been superseded by the garrulous non-christian with a hoodie. and now every college kid on the planet dreams of dropping out of school, moving to dreary san francisco (where the sun comes out for 6 weeks out of the year) and making billions while being driven to work in a google or facebook bus. we at a blog about whatever, quite like this article on the guardian newspapers’ website, which points out that silicon valley has replaced wall street as slimeball capital of the planet.


Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE a hit in Germany

Friday, December 28th, 2012

the lte version of the samsung galaxy s3 was released late november 2012 in germany. since then carriers have had a hard time keeping the new phone in stock. we took stock of this (no pun intended) over the holiday shopping season, visiting various electronic shops such as saturn while also cruising by free standing carrier shops for vodafone, debitel and t-mobile. we were only able to find the phone at a t-mobile phone. the lte version of the s3 comes with 2 gb of RAM (an increase by 500MB from the version released over the summer). both versions have the 16GB and 32GB internal speicherplatz (as it is called in deutschland). samsung has announced that a 64GB version is coming soon.

samsung galaxy s 3 lte

samsung galaxy s 3 lte

ces and laptops for the emerging world

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

the bbc has a reporter in las vegas covering ces. she spoke with the company one laptop per child –a company dedicated to bringing laptops to the emerging world. apparently OLPC has created a tablet with such low wattage that the battery lasts almost 12 hours. what the reporter neglects to ask is where are people supposed to plug in to top up the batteries.

it’s an innocent enough mistake to make, given that the reporter is in the capitalism capital of the universe (las vegas) and that she presumably comes from a western country where electricity is just taken for granted.

but it is a big question that the reporter failed to ask or include in her final article.

the other question is why would OLPC spend in excess of 20K for a booth at a convention that is not their target audience?

ipad versus newspapers and magazines

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

thought about using the headline ‘iPad vs. the media’ or ‘iPad vs. publishing’ but settled for newspapers and magazines. the iPad is great for reading books –if you can actually find one you want to read in the iBooks store.

when you initially venture to the iBook store, you are given a complimentary copy of ‘winnie the pooh.’ you can use it to practice flipping pages digitally, book marking stuff, changing fonts and so on.

as stated, the iPad is great for reading books. thus far we’ve failed to find one magazine that takes advantage of the flipping through the book experience. the app ‘vogue paris’ which really should be called ‘paris vouge’ along with german vogue are undoubtedly the worst offenders. the iPad versions are essentially glorified PDFs. as we weren’t prepared to splurge and spend upwards of 3.99 for an app, when we can purchase risk for 2.39, we did not have access to the video content.

but electronic video content is neither groundbreaking nor new. and as finely stated in this l.a. times article in the comment section at the bottom, why pay for an app that looks just like another version of the free website.

food for thought

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

could you legitimately call yourself an internet entrepreneur and actually endeavour to launch a social networking website if you had never heard of foursquare?

not that foursquare, a god send for those obsessed with stalking and location marketing, is that important given that only about 1% of americans and even less of people outside the u.s. use it

city of los angeles puts its trust in google and your private info

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

the city of los angeles is using goolge software on its computer systems –having already transferred the bulk of their employees over from microsoft’s system. now it’s time to transfer the sensitive records from the LAPD (who treat you like a king, if we remember correctly). which apparently problematic for the federal government.

well, lets just hope everyone isn’t using a gmail account and that google isn’t scanning everything in employees’ emails and on their desktops so the company can produce more targeted advertising.

angry jobs says other tablets are too small

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

according to reuters, steven jobs went crazy on a conference call to investors. the ipad, which we’ve noted here before, which does not support flash–currently the industry standard for web video delivery, and which does not have a USB port, is seeing stiff competition. jobs has countered that his competitor’s tablets are too small.

research in motion, the canada based company, unveiled its tablet for business schmoos last month. yes, it’s far smaller than the iPad. and presumably works in direct sunlight.

putting your personal stuff in the cloud

Monday, October 18th, 2010

the new york times is gushing over google apps for education. theoretically, it’s a fab idea that saves a lot of disc space. but now that educators are thinking about moving more of their stuff to the cloud. the question is, what is that stuff? does this include transcripts, test scores, and how many times a kid got sent home when she was 10 years old?

has google found a way to lock out women and minorities?

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

according to anonymous sources, google won’t even look at a resume by anyone who doesn’t have a computer science degree. yes, the elephant in the room is that women and minorities in the u.s. end to study computer science in smaller numbers than guys. –and that goes for women worldwide. so is this just another way to prop up the old boys club?

3M pocket projector

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

3m’s mp180 pocketprojector is the slide protector of the 21st century. who needs an ipad –that doesn’t even work in direct sunlight, when for the same amount of money you can get a device that lets you store stuff like music and PDFs and has USB?