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thomas kretschmann science fiction

Friday, July 20th, 2007

perhaps transformers will be the biggest science fiction film of 2008. perhaps. i don’t really consider harry potter science fiction, it’s more a child-fantasy film like the chronicles of narnia. although i quite like the later, i’m a bit burnt out on the former.

i’ve been getting a lot of hits on this blog regarding thomas kretschmann, the actor who got stiffed by tom cruise and bryan singer and united artists on the part of count von stauffenberg in the film valkyrie, which apparently is now to be calle ‘rubicon’ in the states. not sure about the new title. sounds a bit like ‘rubic’s cube.’ but of course, no one has asked my opinion. no matter. i thought i would post a clip from the european film immortal a science fiction film that was released around 2002 which stars kretschmann, the new face of hugo boss. well, not so new, i think this happened at the end of 2006. unfortunately, as he is german, although he’s been living in the u.s. long enough to be considered a yank, he’s been forced to play in an endless stream of world war 2 movies. he had the misfortune of being cast in ‘king kong.’ which lost out at the box office to the aforementioned ‘chronicles of narnia’ in 2005.

i quite like immortal. the effects are solid but not overly played as in michael bay’s ‘transformers’ or verhoeven’s ‘starship troopers.’ it’s worth picking up at your local video store. we watched it at home on our beamer and with the exception of one or two scenes, i quite enjoyed the film.


tom cruise steals role from german actor, thomas kretschmann

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

according to the new issue of Gala, the magazine that’s still kicking vanity fair’s butt in the german speaking ocuntries (you know, switzerland and so forth), Der Amerikaner schnappte ihm die Rolle weg. or rather, the american snachted the role from thomas kretschmann. details can be found on bunte. i quite like kretschmann. he currently has 7 or 8 films in various stages of production. his foray into sci-fi with Immortal is a personal favorite of mine. i saw him last fall whizzing out of a gas station along crescent heights and down the sunset strip looking a bit wild-eyed. perhaps he was late for an audition.

only terrible kitsch will come out of tom cruise project

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

or rather, that’s what the grandson of claus von stauffenberg recently told der spiegel when asked how he felt about the top gun actor playing his grandfather.