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german twilight casting show bites the big one

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

til schweiger, arguably the most popular actor in germany was part of a small panel of judges charged with finding an extra cast member for ‘eclipse,’ the third installment of summit entertainment’s ‘twilight’ saga.

the whole thing looked like a marketer’s wet dream. a t.v. show that would air weekly giving stephanie meyer and summit entertainment basically one hour of free commercial time in the biggest media market in germany. but after only a handful of shows, the ‘mission hollywood’ casting show has been cancelled after garnering only a 11.5% audience.

this seems to be a ‘twilight’ week for ‘a blog about whatever.’ but although stephenie meyer’s ‘twilight’ and ‘new moon’ books currently hold the first and second place on the bestseller list in germany, could the cancellation of this ‘twilight’ special be the beginning of the end of edward cullen burnout?

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