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live free or die harder, timothy olyphant

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

a few years ago, i had heard that the sequel to die hard 4 would be die harder. live free or die hard, which brings back a smirking bruce willis to the series that was his first movie star-turning role, ist nicht schlecht.

i hesitate to admit having seen all the previous 3 films on opening weekend. this time around, i held off for a couple of weeks. although i’ve been on the internet almost as long as i’ve been alive, i really vehemently dislike cyber films. can you say ‘the net?’ up until live free or die harder (and i’m actually kind of serious), the only watchable cyber anything filmed entertainment was a hacker episode from the X-Files. the washington post gave the film a great review. and i’ll admit that this did contribute to my breaking down and seeing the film in the theatre as opposed to doing the rental/watch it on my beamer thing.

at first, i didn’t recognize timothy olyphant. we recovering ravers all know him from the film ‘go.’ i immediately recognized kevin ‘jay and silent bob’ smith as warlock. both castings should be considered inspired castings. i’d forgotten about olyphant since 1999. he looks quite different without his lamb chop side burns. we like timothy olyphant here and hope that we get to see him regularly.