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donald trump a bridge too far

Monday, August 14th, 2017

trump talks live about the charlottesville massacre. ever wonder why there are so many villes in the US? louisville, charlottesville and the list goes on. we aren’t sure if people are calling it a massacre. but we just thought that might make a good subheadline. thus far 1 person has died and 19 have been injured. now facebook facial recognition software is most likely being used to out the tiki bearing chino-wearing white supremacists. we won’t call them nationalists because “nationalism” of the 18th 19th and early 20th century variety implied ethnicity. given that white americans are generally mixed immigrant heritage it is kind of a non-sensical term.

3 dead in charlottesville

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

friday night a large group of white american males with tiki lights descended on the university of virgina at charlottsville virginia–also known as the alma mater of robert f. kennedy. we are not sure why the kkk had an affinity for fire. but it seems that this affinity has been passed down to their descendents. but somehow the hoods and the white robes have been replaced by tan dickies and loafers. whenever anyone raises their hand, puts something with fire in it and starts chanting negative stuff about groups of people smaller than one’s own, it usually does not end well. these dudes make loads of white males who just like to hang out at home watching TV and playing halo look bad. as do people like james damore. most straight white american dudes are not living in the 1800s. and we know that all gay white american dudes are definitely not living in the 1800s in their heads.

1 woman is dead –mowed over by a car and 2 police officers have died. the US president donald trump, in the hope of preserving his solid 12% base of voters, threw out a statement condemning violence while seemingly placing equal blame on the demonstrators carrying nazi flags and the anti-protestors. an expert on modern right populism recently said, there is always a moment when the populist crosses the line. when his double entendres aren’t really funny anymore. donald trump’s 36% approval rating is about to fall to below 30 any day now.

james damore did not have a CS degree

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

google once famously claimed their dearth of women programmers was due to the tiny tiny percentage of women with computer science degrees. now we see that james damore –also known as the anti-diversity google manifesto/memo writer did not have a computer science degree. some could call this affirmative action for geeks? or was damore just lucky? which feeds into this idea that some feminists have that regarding unemployment men are hired for their potential while women have to prove they have experience.  diversity is a hot button issue in the US. but aside from some homosexuals, who wants to spend an entire working day in a room filled with people of the same sex? we do feel that the tech industry is one big echo chambre. but damore must have known that california is an extremely left state. so much so that now there is stack voting, otherwise most state elections would be decided durng the democratic primaries.

james damore ex-googler speaks

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

in the words of the 60s version of batman. riddle me this: if james damore is such a tech genius, why does he have a sh*t web cam and a crappy internal mic on his computer?

pbs on reince’s exit from trump administration

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

as david brooks states, you need someone in the west wing with friends in congress. looks like mike pence is the last man standing.

GOP dodges a bullet

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

although the GOP has been unable to fulfill their hopes and dreams of getting rid of obamacare (aka the affordable healthcare act), they recently decided to pull back on a BAT (border adjustment tax) just in time for US retailers to start planning their inventories for the fall and christmas. we try not to live in the past here at a blog about whatever. but we will say this: that tax would have immediately raised prices on consumer goods in the immediate term. in the long run it would have encouraged retaliation from US trading partners. so it’s all a win-win for the american people. but the affordable care act is still a problem. like senator lindsey graham once famously said, it’s hard to roll something back that’s got a president’s name attached to it. it would be good if somehow the GOP and the rest of congress would find it in their hearts not to fine people for not having health insurance. it’s a regressive tax and it’s crushing the middle class.

the july purge at the white house

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

reince priebus is out. sean spicer is out. whose next? is this the beginning or the end of the bloodletting? now the US president has surrounded himself exclusively with family, friends and generals. engaging in nepotism and cronyism has always beenat the heart of how donald trump has run his private businesses. it’s like the east european roots of his wives have trumped trump’s north european roots. it’s a playbook straight out of the mafia. having attended a military academy as a child, trump values the leadership abilities of those who have served in the military. despite his having been a draft dodger during the vietnam war. that being said. what makes a good leader? well, vision matters. what also matters is the ability to pick good people and to delegate. what makes a good president? a man (and they usually are men) who can articulate his vision, has the ability to compromise, and the ability to admit when he is wrong. the phrase personal responsibility is a phrase the trump family are not familiar with.

like the head of the (a) mafia clan, trump doesn’t trust anyone unless he feels like he knows him (and it’s usually a him). he values unflinching loyalty and he trusts people with money because in his capitalist mindset rich people are smart and poor people are dumb. it’s not clear how he feels about the middle class. but it will be the middle class who will decide (when they vote in the mid-term elections) whether or not the trump administration is a complete disaster.

the theory about populists is that they cannot govern. they know nothing about creating policies and even less about compromise and diplomacy. according to the hill, donald trump called john mccain the day mccain voted against the repeal of the affordable care act. obviously trump’s ability to persuade rivals hasn’t lived up to anyone’s expectations. we must all remember that about 18 months ago trump berated senator john mccain for having fought in the vietnam war (which trump’s wealthy family helped him avoid) and being imprisoned during the same war. the irony of all ironies, innit?

dark side of tesla motors?

Monday, July 24th, 2017

did tesla buy germany-based engineering firm Grohmann engineering to accelerate production? or was the supposedly 150M paid for the company a way for tesla to sort out how the car industry really works while also gaining access to inside information about his competitors? grohmann’s clients include (d) BMW as well as other premium german brands.

identitarians or nazi hipsters?

Friday, July 21st, 2017

this identity movement for young people founded in france expanded to germany in 2012. the italian branch recently raised 100K to charter a ship to enter libyian waters, confront humanitarian aid organizations in the attempt to literally send africans back to africa. the german branch is under surveillance due to their perceived undemocratic leanings. which in turn is maybe justified. recently the group tried to storm the justice building in germany as the members of the identetarians (sp?) protested germany’s new anti-hate speech law.

in honor of all the paranoid authoritarians in the world

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

think different. or think differently?