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high school musical 2 goes to london

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

i’m revisiting a story which seems to have been glossed over by zines. basically, in the u.s., the soundtrack for the t.v. show, high school musical 2 has sold 615,000 copies in its first week. dave matthews new album pulled in 70,000 to come in at number 3. the biggest selling album in the u.s. last year was the original soundtrack for high school musical 1. the pre-teenies seem to be the only lifeline left for the music industry. is that because they’re too young to download an entire album? nope. its because they have an emotional connection with the music and the cast members. and disney has done a bang up job getting the cast out to high schools around the world. case in point, there was a fan premiere at the weekend at the o2 stadium in london. zac efron, vanessa hudgens and crew were there as well.