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barcelona and reverse culture shock

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

design city of europe? hmm. i’ll have to have a word with the editors of ‘wallpaper magazine’ and ‘monocle’. it was okay, although the workshop i attended was first rate. shame about the faux beaches though. but its always great to dodge the dreary days of northern europe.

reverse culture shock
i try to visit the u.s. at least once every 18 months. people talk and move faster than they do here. most conversations have to be pre-packaged into some sort of entertaining soundbyte to grab a person’s attention, while here you have to prepare yourself for a lengthy, detailed discussion about something fairly mundane. in the u.s., if i say ‘that’s too bad that you have to work on the weekend’ the reply is generally ‘i’m lucky to have a job.’ while here it’s more like ‘yeah, that really sucks.’

there are 150K empty apartments here
but for some reason, people outside of the country still insist on buying property and erecting pricey apartments. do you really need a 450K loft that allows you to elevate your car so that you can park directly in front of your own front door on the 5th floor? this is the city of bicyclers and a city with a 15% unemployment rate, i’ll be curious to see how ‘quickly’ that building fills up.

vanity fair deutschland the weekly failure?
still losing 165,000 euros/week? probably. and as the euro appreciates (1= $1.43), this could only get worse. although i think they’ve graduated from 10 ad pages per issue to 15 or so. they don’t seem to be able to take their own photos either. i’ve counted at least 4 covers (and i’m not really paying attention) that previously appeared on various conde nast publications in the u.s. including W and the original Vanity Fair. it seems the editor (who incidentally has a PhD in philosophy) is leery of putting non-native english speaking people on the cover.

english people leaving the uk in droves
apparently last year, about 385K people left the uk.
people site a variety of reasons including rising
crime rates and rising prices. although the rising
prices have allowed the same people to sell their
homes and relocate to barcelona, amongst other places.


vanity fair german new issue only 1 euro

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

vanity fair deutschland has dropped its cover price back to the 1 euro price it launched with last february. it’s attached a free DVD (aka covermount) to it’s cover of a sappy hollywood movie to entice people to buy the scarlett johansson issue. it seems to be working. well, at least this week. a recent issue of cicero, a magazine for the so-called intellectually minded in germany (of which there aren’t so many) who are still stuck in 1968 (of which there are oh so many) quotes the editor with a PhD in philosophy (how useless is that?) as saying that germany won’t turn into hollywood overnight. but somehow he thinks the formula will prevail. the weekly publication was raked over the coals by an article published a couple of months ago in der spiegel in which it was referred to as‘banity fair.’ the article guestimated that banity fair deutschland was losing over 160,000 euros per week that’s over $200,000. the article was build around an interview with editor, dr. ulf poschard, who fired off a letter to the editors. only in germany do people with PhD’s in philosophy, history, insist repeatedly attaching the word ‘dr.’ to whatever. WHATever.