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vanity fair goes on the defensive with lily white button nose issue

Monday, February 8th, 2010

you’d think they were describing rudolph in vanity fair’s new (white) hollywood issue that hit the stands just in time for black history month. from yahoo to a blog called momlogic, vanity fair looks like it’s gone on the defensive. momilogic includes an editor’s note on the blog: ‘Editor’s note: A rep for the magazine issued a statement saying, “Deciding who will appear on the Hollywood Issue cover — and within the issue itself — is a long process, and one we take seriously. For the young actresses on the cover, both films coming out this year and past work were taken into consideration, as were schedules and availability, since we had to shoot all nine actresses in a single day.’

one could argue that since black and latino and asian actresses are rarely used in hollywood movies, that most probably would’ve had plenty of time in their schedule to appear in the fotoshoot. we just feel sorry for anna kendrick that she was included on the otherside of the fold. we think vanity fair should’ve switched her spot with kristen stewart’s.