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hillary clinton to be replaced by bill richardson?

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

bill richardson, who recently declined to pardon billy the kid (never mind that billy was gunned down in what 1881) just might be the guy to push hillary clinton out of the u.s. secretary of state seat–aka the prez’s look i believe in diversity spot. not that we care, but when was the last time one saw a waspy guy in that slot? we may have to go back to 1992 when bill clinton initially took office.

why did this turn into the hot seat for diversity? with the exception of madeline albright, (who bill clinton appointed during the height of the monica lewinsky sex scandal to manipulate the media and give them something else to discuss since he made albright the first female to warm that seat), almost everyone has had stellar credentials–colin powell, condi rice, etc. and bill richardson served at the united nations and has first rate credentials as well.

the bigger question is why wasn’t hillary clinton pushed out immediately after wikileaks started dripping state department documents? is barack obama still afraid of the clintons? and female voters in the democratic party? does he now believe that he doesn’t need them anymore?