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james cameron slams wonder woman

Friday, August 25th, 2017

in an interview with the guardian magazine, film director james camerson (director of avatar, terminator, and the horrible titanic films) slams the new wonder woman movie. he thinks sarah connor from terminator is a better character. –neglects to mention his tendency to date/have sex with/and/or marry most of the female leads in his films. we like gal gadot (wish i knew how to correctly pronounce her name). she was great in the fast and the furious films –despite not having been given much to do. and minus the large setpiece action sequence at the end, wonder woman is actually a really good film. we say hats off to director patty jenkins for getting signed to the sequel. and for going online to defend her film. looks like james cameron might be ripe for a boycott whenever he finishes his smurf movies.