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dunkirk part deux

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

just when you were sick and tired of seeing the same bloody actors in film after film, christopher nolan comes along and finds replacements for aging hipsters like johnny depp (see harry styles). years ago a friend went into great detail as to why she hated saving private ryan. number one, the germans were pure evil, not even a tiny bit of character nuance there. number two, until the end of the film you saw one recognizable actor after another. with the except of kenneth branagh –the older statesmen in the film have recognizable faces but that’s really it. we at a blog about whatever think that we are living in the age of the auteur with a side of superhero movies.


dunkirk and the men’s movement

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

it all started in the 1990s with the book iron john. this book talked about men going into the woods (or something like) to reclaim themselves. it spawned a bit of a movement. fast forward to charlottesville and take a u-turn via dunkirk. we choose to believe that the america’s far-right’s march on charlottesville was at its heart a cry for help. we will not digress into psychoanalysis as we at a blog about whatever do not believe in psychology although we do believe that mental illness should be treated by a psychiatrist and with lots of meds. like maybe “e.” which once upon a time was legal and might be once again.

the first time i saw the dunkirk trailer i thought, wait a minute. there are no women in this movie. and yesterday while perusing youtube watching behind-the-scenes stuff, it would seem to be that minus christopher nolan’s wife slash producer, the dunkirk set was a fraulein-frei-zone. does this matter? probably not.  no more revisionism plz. there were (most likely) no women on the beach at dunkirk. but nolan did toss in a couple of red cross nurses.  ernst hemingway would’ve enjoyed this film.

so here is our recommendation for a sequel. SPOILER ALERT. since kenneth brannagh’s character mentions his staying behind to help rescue french troops, we think that would be dunkirk II. for dunkirk III we’d like to see the retelling of the original story from the point of view of the german pilots and sailors (torpedoing the british ships). for dunkirk IV maybe a prisoner of war story with tom hardy could work quite nicely.