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marvel film director offers trump 100K for real medical exam

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

james gunn, director of the marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy is offering to give the US president’s charity 100K (in USD) if trump will step on an accurate scale. he argues that trump cannot possibly weigh 239 pounds (108 kg) and gives visual proof.


tom cotton vs chris christie

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

the united states senator from arkansas bet his career on trump this weekend, by denying that the US president said that more than 1.2B people live in shit hole countries. given that initially he could not remember what trump said. then he suddenly remembered that trump did not call haiti, el salvador and 55 african countries shithole nations. eric eriksen (sp?) founder of the red state website told website that he has personally spoken with people (aka friends of trump who leak stuff) who said trump called them to brag about his shit hole comment as he thought it would play well to his base.

in 2016 following the new hampshire presidential primary, the then new jersey governor chris christie put his reputation on the line, backed donald trump (because he hated jeb bush and marco rubio so much) and helped him win the republican primaries and the election. in the end, all he got was, well nothing. like most people who over the years have done business with the trump family. no cabinet position. nothing.

wolff’s book is not the end of the donald

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

sin the late 70s and early 80s the US and international media were convinced that US president ronald reagan was just some dumb rightwing actor. every comment was scrutinized in the search for the one liner that would be the end of the gipper. and it never happened.

then there was the revealing book that gave juicy tidbits about ronnie and how his wife, nancy reagan consulted her and his horoscopes before advising her husband.

then there was the joke ronnie made on a hot mike about taking out the soviet union at what at the time looked like the height of the cold war, but was in reality the beginning of the thaw.

unlike reagan, trump has zero public policy experience. after being a 2 bit actor, reagan ran for public office and governed what is now the most populous state in the US. he was a charmer. and worked well with democrats in the US congress.

themichael wolff book fire and fury is not the end of donald trump. arguably the book humanizes him and his family. we luv that don junior calls his father DJT and that ivanka has obviously discussed the combover with her father. but fire and fury marks the end of steve bannon.

and the russia investigation is not the end of trump. but it pushed the ex- skater kid and loose cannon michael flynn out of the white house. which in retrospect is better for flynn and the american people.

trump is basically a rich kid from a family whose grandfather made his fortune owning whore houses and pimping out prostitutes. as one who has only known life as a rich dude, born to believe money gets you everything, he never needed to read books or pass tests, as in the US there is affirmative action for rich people. note. we did not write white american males. but rich. he has skated by on wealth and charisma — a combination that works brilliantly in trump’s america. but in the end there is no correlation between class and money. and trump is a persistent reminder of this adage.

trump uses jerusalem as trump card

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

the US president donald trump is a master at media manipulation. during the presidential primaries he soaked up billions of essentially free advertising by doing things such as spending 20 minutes in front of a microphone repeating US senator ted cruz’s name and alternating it with the word canada. to remind patriotic (or rather, nationalistic) americans that cruz, while an american was actually born in a foreign country.

now that his lackey michael flynn has pleaded guilty to the FBI, trump wants to deflect attention to the ongoing investigation regarding the trump administration and what looks more and more like an obstruction of justice investigation and his possible pending impeachment.

an announcement that will get the western media’s panties in a bunch on both the left and the right, would be all things to do with israel. from the panicked born again christians who seemingly believe every detail of the mythology of the old and new testaments in the christian bible. to the jewish americans on both the left and the right (the people who work for the weekly standard) who have specific views about jerusalem and whatever else has to do with israel. to muslims who have specific views about jerusalem as well. for the rest of the world (the atheists and those who don’t give a sh*t), this is like watching fake news in reverse. a bit like when madeline albright let her personal religious views overcome her during perhaps a hot or cold flash and oversaw the vetoing of egypt’s boutros boutros ghali’s second term as head of the UN which didn’t help the US’s relationship with hot heads (or cold heads) in the near east. or anywhere else for that matter.

high hopes for trump

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

initially we at a blog about whatever had high hopes for trump. does this mean we were a trump supporter? we’ll just let you sort that out for yourself. trump was the change candidate of the US presidential election the way Obama was the change candidate of the US’s 2008 presidential election. both have even more in common. the mainstream media carried Obama over the finish line of the 2008 presidential election. while electronic trolls and bots worked through social media to help nudge trump to an election victory.

we don’t believe that russia stole the election from hillary clinton. in the end clinton was a flawed candidate completely devoid of personality. like a human bot. had another less flawed candidate like jeb bush or scott walker won the republican primary, clinton would have lost by at least 10 Points. we still believe the jeb bush conspiracy theory though. that billary clinton conspired with trump to run as a republican and destroy the republican party. the only problem is that their plan worked a bit too well.

now fast forward to 1 year since the presidential election. and trump is well kind of not quite there yet. so much so that he has lost about 15 – 16 points with his white high schoolers. that is, according to gallup. his approval rating is hovering around 33%. it hasn’t been abover 36% in months. trump and his sidekick bannon have forgotten that all those people who voted for him were not white supremacists. there were also some latinos and some blacks (not many, but some) and all those people are american patriots. –well, minus the ones who march with nazi flags.

dissing the widows of the soldiers who died in niger was a mistake. we know trump created the NFL should black players be kneeling controversy to hide the niger ambush. loads of people (at the time) wondered why the US president was exerting so much energy to destroying one of the few profitable sides of the United States (the entertainment industry). how does it help americans to deprive them of the few joys they have. you know, watching sports and forgetting about low paying jobs, mortgage payments and automation.

but we also blame the international media. not just Fox and CNN or the BBC. but all of them. print. television. internet. social media. the US president instantly becomes a propaganda machine whenever he opens his mouth. that’s the beauty of populism. it is also the dark side. and the international media has been falling for this (with the help of a few bots) since 2015 when trump declared his candidacy as he descended down a gold-plated escalator allegedly surrounded by actors paid to applaud him. 3 of the dead (aka the white ones) in niger were already 6 feet under by the time the international media noticed the incident. and the remaining dude (the black one) was on his way home. we are sure the families of all 4 men killed in niger are not pleased.

the US commander-in-chief is more focused on public relations than on policy. this is a  mistake. initially signing a bunch of executive decisions at the start of trump’s term created the illusion of busyness. we don’t doubt that trump is busy. even jimmy carter the ex-peanut farmer was busy as he watched his approval ratings fall during all 4 years of his administration.

traditionally, the sign of a real man (by western cowboy standards) was one who owned his mistakes and led from the front. traditionally the sign of a sissy (by western cowboy standards) was a dude who lead from the rear and pointed fingers at everyone else but himself. trump is seemingly stuck in sissy mode. now new york senator chuck schumer is the fall guy. can one legitimately respect a sissy finger pointer? one who could not even apologize to the wife of a soldier for flubbing the dudes name?

trump’s extreme vetting isn’t working

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017

what does extreme vetting really mean? given that the alleged driver of the truck that killed multiple people in manhattan yesterday was from uzbekistan — a country not on the US president’s list of countries with citizens banned from coming to the US, we think that the trump administration needs to do a re-think. from this incident, if the dude who plowed a trunk into a bunch of pedestrians is muslim, one can conclude that this religion does not consist of one monolithic group of people. a bit like protestanism or catholicism, innit? there are asian muslims as there are european (read white) muslims and muslims from sub saharan africa. it is like battlestar galatica – the retelling. with donald trump as gaius balthar. what this means. we don’t really know. but given that people from the middle east have been migrating to the US since at least the time of the iranian revolution in the 1970s, trump’s so-called muslim ban might be 4 decades too late.

bannon’s exit

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

there is really nothing to say about steve bannon. his exit from the white house has been thoroughly covered. in the end despite trump claiming that bannon only turned up at the end of his presidential campaign, ann coultur, bannon, milo (omg we wrote his name, but we won’t write his last name) , breitbart and the originals (which includes katrina pierson,  corey lewandowski and mike flynn) made donald trump the candidate –despite the art of the deal trump and the apprentice trump having already existed. they sort of helped define, shape and roundout the donald trump show. notice how we did not include sean spicer and reince in this group. the remaining lackies in the west wing and the administration have no street cred with americans in the midwest, south and mountain time.  and they aren’t remotely funny. not even a little bit well, except for kellyanne conway. but steve mnuchin did produce suicide squad. if that’s not funny, what is?

donald trump a bridge too far

Monday, August 14th, 2017

trump talks live about the charlottesville massacre. ever wonder why there are so many villes in the US? louisville, charlottesville and the list goes on. we aren’t sure if people are calling it a massacre. but we just thought that might make a good subheadline. thus far 1 person has died and 19 have been injured. now facebook facial recognition software is most likely being used to out the tiki bearing chino-wearing white supremacists. we won’t call them nationalists because “nationalism” of the 18th 19th and early 20th century variety implied ethnicity. given that white americans are generally mixed immigrant heritage it is kind of a non-sensical term.

3 dead in charlottesville

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

friday night a large group of white american males with tiki lights descended on the university of virgina at charlottsville virginia–also known as the alma mater of robert f. kennedy. we are not sure why the kkk had an affinity for fire. but it seems that this affinity has been passed down to their descendents. but somehow the hoods and the white robes have been replaced by tan dickies and loafers. whenever anyone raises their hand, puts something with fire in it and starts chanting negative stuff about groups of people smaller than one’s own, it usually does not end well. these dudes make loads of white males who just like to hang out at home watching TV and playing halo look bad. as do people like james damore. most straight white american dudes are not living in the 1800s. and we know that all gay white american dudes are definitely not living in the 1800s in their heads.

1 woman is dead –mowed over by a car and 2 police officers have died. the US president donald trump, in the hope of preserving his solid 12% base of voters, threw out a statement condemning violence while seemingly placing equal blame on the demonstrators carrying nazi flags and the anti-protestors. an expert on modern right populism recently said, there is always a moment when the populist crosses the line. when his double entendres aren’t really funny anymore. donald trump’s 36% approval rating is about to fall to below 30 any day now.

the july purge at the white house

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

reince priebus is out. sean spicer is out. whose next? is this the beginning or the end of the bloodletting? now the US president has surrounded himself exclusively with family, friends and generals. engaging in nepotism and cronyism has always beenat the heart of how donald trump has run his private businesses. it’s like the east european roots of his wives have trumped trump’s north european roots. it’s a playbook straight out of the mafia. having attended a military academy as a child, trump values the leadership abilities of those who have served in the military. despite his having been a draft dodger during the vietnam war. that being said. what makes a good leader? well, vision matters. what also matters is the ability to pick good people and to delegate. what makes a good president? a man (and they usually are men) who can articulate his vision, has the ability to compromise, and the ability to admit when he is wrong. the phrase personal responsibility is a phrase the trump family are not familiar with.

like the head of the (a) mafia clan, trump doesn’t trust anyone unless he feels like he knows him (and it’s usually a him). he values unflinching loyalty and he trusts people with money because in his capitalist mindset rich people are smart and poor people are dumb. it’s not clear how he feels about the middle class. but it will be the middle class who will decide (when they vote in the mid-term elections) whether or not the trump administration is a complete disaster.

the theory about populists is that they cannot govern. they know nothing about creating policies and even less about compromise and diplomacy. according to the hill, donald trump called john mccain the day mccain voted against the repeal of the affordable care act. obviously trump’s ability to persuade rivals hasn’t lived up to anyone’s expectations. we must all remember that about 18 months ago trump berated senator john mccain for having fought in the vietnam war (which trump’s wealthy family helped him avoid) and being imprisoned during the same war. the irony of all ironies, innit?