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taylor lautner might quit acting return to community college

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

admirable. i mean, everyone can’t be a yalie, can they? and why do we need those ivy league people?


twilight eclipse set for soft numbers outside north america

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

don’t know why summit decided to open the 3rd film in the twilight franchise smack in the middle of the world cup and on the even of the quarter finals. everyone in europe, asia and south america will be glued to their screens. well,perhaps minus the countries that don’t have good teams (like in scandinavia and belgium). but this just confirms that americans tend to be completely clueless when it comes to cultures that don’t have anything to do with america.

and despite the fact that japan, the last asian team competing in the world cup, got eliminated yesterday during that marathon of a snooze called a game, people in japan still have their favorite teams. and the reports that twilight screenings are a madhouse in brazil so cannot be true. especially not this weekend. if brazil wins on friday, it will be one long party weekend in sao paulo.

but let the robert pattinson backlash begins. apparently it is already starting.

german twilight casting show bites the big one

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

til schweiger, arguably the most popular actor in germany was part of a small panel of judges charged with finding an extra cast member for ‘eclipse,’ the third installment of summit entertainment’s ‘twilight’ saga.

the whole thing looked like a marketer’s wet dream. a t.v. show that would air weekly giving stephanie meyer and summit entertainment basically one hour of free commercial time in the biggest media market in germany. but after only a handful of shows, the ‘mission hollywood’ casting show has been cancelled after garnering only a 11.5% audience.

this seems to be a ‘twilight’ week for ‘a blog about whatever.’ but although stephenie meyer’s ‘twilight’ and ‘new moon’ books currently hold the first and second place on the bestseller list in germany, could the cancellation of this ‘twilight’ special be the beginning of the end of edward cullen burnout?

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