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james damore did not have a CS degree

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

google once famously claimed their dearth of women programmers was due to the tiny tiny percentage of women with computer science degrees. now we see that james damore –also known as the anti-diversity google manifesto/memo writer did not have a computer science degree. some could call this affirmative action for geeks? or was damore just lucky? which feeds into this idea that some feminists have that regarding unemployment men are hired for their potential while women have to prove they have experience.  diversity is a hot button issue in the US. but aside from some homosexuals, who wants to spend an entire working day in a room filled with people of the same sex? we do feel that the tech industry is one big echo chambre. but damore must have known that california is an extremely left state. so much so that now there is stack voting, otherwise most state elections would be decided durng the democratic primaries.