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GOP dodges a bullet

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

although the GOP has been unable to fulfill their hopes and dreams of getting rid of obamacare (aka the affordable healthcare act), they recently decided to pull back on a BAT (border adjustment tax) just in time for US retailers to start planning their inventories for the fall and christmas. we try not to live in the past here at a blog about whatever. but we will say this: that tax would have immediately raised prices on consumer goods in the immediate term. in the long run it would have encouraged retaliation from US trading partners. so it’s all a win-win for the american people. but the affordable care act is still a problem. like senator lindsey graham once famously said, it’s hard to roll something back that’s got a president’s name attached to it. it would be good if somehow the GOP and the rest of congress would find it in their hearts not to fine people for not having health insurance. it’s a regressive tax and it’s crushing the middle class.


john huntsman’s hair

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

we are a big fan of gop candidate john huntsman because we think he’s got the best hair. what’s your opinion? watch his lincoln-douglas debate with newt gingrich by clicking here.

conservative anthem a hit on youtube

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

andrew breitbart appears on the national review’s online video program (whatever its called) and said that he was angry that conservatives gave up pop culture to the liberals in the united states. well perhaps with this young con anthem, some people are trying to take it back:

this young con anthem is apparently by a bunch of dartmouth students.