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british historian david starkey says whites have become black

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

this was no gaffe as he repeates the phrase ‘the whites have become black‘ at least once and then elaborates.


even when rioting europeans are more fashionable than americans

Friday, August 12th, 2011

we’ve all spent the past week watching hooded youths trapse about london stealing swarovski crystals, flatscreen televisions and 200 pound trainers. now, if one were to google the great london riots and the l.a. riots, one can see that even while the underclasses are protesting, europeans are far more fashionable than americans.

and we also think blackberry has gotten a whole lotta free advertising during these events. who knew that blackberry had an instant messaging app before the uk government started discussing how to close it down?  an 18 year old has been charged with using blackbery messaging (bbm) to incite violence during the uk events.

well, RIM’s share price has been in the cellar for many moons now. as they’ve mostly focused on satisfying business executives since the stone ages (we mean the early 00’s). now perhaps the powers that be in the marketing department at RIM might take a page out of the twitter playbook (who benefited from free advertising during the iranian electorial protests not so long ago). and target a whole new audience–18 year old vigilantes.