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day 3 berlin fashion week richard kravetz

Friday, July 8th, 2011

the anja gockel fashion show kicked off the morning–which unfortunately we missed.later this afternoon vogue hosted its annual salon at the hotel de rome. we entertained the notion of attending the fashion blogger cafe but the show room was way out in treptow which just sounded like too long of a hike.

karl lagerfeld coca cola bottles on display at berlin fashion week

a few hours ago we did a drive by of the richard kravetz presentation. his spring/summer 2012 collection is on disply for about 30 more minutes in the touristy hackescher markt area of berlin. the intial impression of the presentation was yes, the clothes are classic with a late 50s/early 60s influence that would’ve made anne sexton’s day back in the day. and that perhaps kravetz is obsessed with primary colours. but that’s not a bad thing.

at 6pm-ish we made our way to mitte’s mail gallery strip for the Konk Pop-up Store cocktail party. i have to say, we loved the Konk Pop-up Store event. it was on a small side street in the middle of the main gallery strip in mitte. just across the way was an old dance parlor straight out of the 1920s which now also doubles as a restaurant. and the eigen+art gallery which represents some of the best painters in germany like neo rauch. later we’ll add photos. –not of eigen+art, but of the event.

so what about the clothes? well, the t-shirts were funky in a good way. the dresses featured colourful prints. this season seems to be all about colour. which is completely acceptable.


green show room berlin fashion week day 3

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

day three of berlin fashion week is still underway. the day kicked off with the maxi fashion breakfast followed by the schumacher runway show. we were very much smitten with the greenshow room salon show. this yearly eco-event (now in its 4th year) takes place at the adlon hotel. which normally is a bit of hike in the summer from bebelplatz down towards the brandenburg gate. but this year, since fashion week has moved back to it’s original location, it’s the perfect off-site spot for an event.

the salon show launched with a nod to the 40s.–lots of shoulder pads and well defined lines along with high waisted skirts and buttons that would’ve made wilhelmina slater‘s eyes pop if she were still around.

greenshow room salon show berlin fashion week spring/summer 2012

berlin fashion week dawid tomaszewski as well as unrath and strano

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

we’re a bit slow on the uptake reporting on this. sorta loved the unrath and strano show. will give more details on that one later.

tomaszewski’s show was a bit of a revelation. we loved the highly sculpted fur, the textures and the jewels (real?) and the highly crafted look from this polish-german designer. authentic is the perfect one word description for this show.

will post photos soon.

berlin fashion week more images

Monday, July 21st, 2008

berlin fashion week ended last night. here’s a longer and better video of vivenne westwood and kim cattrall. cattrrall selectively made the rounds this week. she turned up for hugo boss’s opening show.

berlin fashion week day 4 vivenne westwood

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

vivienne westwood closed the event. the show, entitled angolmania ironically kicked off with a tune by the american band ministry. it featured classic pieces post 1970s. needless to say, the clothes were nothing less than amazing. vibrant yellows with black zig-zags and bold gold hip-hop inspired chains.

Berlin Fashion Week VivenneWestwood and KimCattrall

Berlin Fashion Week VivenneWestwood and KimCattrall

full metallic mini skirts and plastic shoes in pinks and yellows topped off with bold red plastic hearts. needless to say, she got a standing ovation.

berlin fashion week day 3

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

day 2 took us from the gorgeously texturous louis xiv style of basso & brooke to a catwalk show focused on backpacks and suitcases to finally loads of light, flowing backless silky ‘the spy who loved me’ 70s style dresses. the heavily inspired diana von furstenberg unrath and strano show was packed to the rafters. and motorola and vanity fair germany threw the dynamic duo a fabulous party at weekend in berlin. but i have to admit, their winter line seemed more geared toward december in australia or southern california rather than in say, london.

you can watch bits from the shows here.